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Last Login: 11/12/2011 6:43 pm

Registered: 09/20/2008

Gender: Female


Open minded me O3o

I am an amateur artist of three years now, also a writer-in-the-making. Hopefully!

Hmm....what about me..... Ahh, I enjoy drawing what I shouldn't be such as BL, Shounen Ai, all the yaoi-ness and stuff, and I'm more or less into some yuri. Nothing in your face, and nothing over-proportionate.

I love to read fantasy and fanfiction with good punctuation. Mostly reading yaoi fanfiction, I'm into one thing or another from time to time. I've recently gotten into Kurosh*tsuji, taking one thing at a time since I can't care much for things with an over popular fanbase. I'm an Anti-Twilighter, and attended Youmacon of 2010 with an Anti-Twilight sign, receiving more hugs and high fives than I've had all year.

I dislike many, many girls in the anime world as they were created to be in the way, stupid, or comic relief. Or even the dark depressed ones think they're so above everyone that they can just hate them all and what not. Too dramatic I'd say. Ah, but that's not overly important...

I really try hard not to make mistakes, and think through things logically as to not make a fool of myself, but unfortunately, it's inevitable. As fate would have it, no human is perfect.

I've got too many flaws and not enough good qualities about me, and I wish I could fix that, really. I try my best when my best is required. I'm loyal, but also devious.


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