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Hello there! After a recent return to Gaia, I have decided to clear out a large percentage of my old inventory, along with some newer items I have acquired in recent weeks. At the time of posting, all items are below the lowest marketplace price - I try to make it as fair as I am able! Hope you are having a fabulous day.


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Gemini, She-Geek. California native.
Longtime Gaian, returned from lengthy hiatus.
Pescetarian, 21+, adopting a healthier lifestyle.
ASOIAF and Cosmere obsessed.

Jaime Lannister and Kaladin Stormblessed trash.

Meaning behind my url? If you've read Stormlight,
you know Kaladin has brands on his forehead from
his time in slavery. The sas nahn is the initial
branded glyphpair Amaram had Kaladin branded with,
before the shash was later added at another's command.


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moka222 Report | 03/01/2016 2:58 pm
Thanks for buying, Darling! Have a great day and enjoy! 3nodding
Indomitable Fear Report | 02/29/2016 9:38 pm
Indomitable Fear
Thank you for purchasing from my store.
I hope you enjoy the item and have a good day mrgreen
Master_Yumiee Report | 02/29/2016 8:12 pm
Thanks for buying!~ heart
tilasexcattCR Report | 02/28/2016 1:23 pm
cat_3nodding cat_3nodding cat_redface happen to know how I can get Melty Pixie Star kitten? or in which rig it is precisely cat_gonk I'm a blonde and maybe the bleach seeped into my brain, lmfao.. I seen 2 on mkplace but 8000 Gash ill never spend, no way.... do u know what rig I might be Alberto win it from? pls HELP ME OUT HERE
-[Kindergarden Dropout]- Report | 02/28/2016 6:43 am
-[Kindergarden Dropout]-
thanks for buying!
aexthetic Report | 02/28/2016 2:36 am
yum_puddi Thanks for purchasing ! yum_puddi
Aetherized Report | 02/23/2016 1:10 pm
Yeah I saw stormlight in your favorite reads and I was like pffft connections
Aetherized Report | 02/23/2016 12:57 pm
Isn't sasnahn or at least sas the mark of the slave from Stormlight?
KC_niichan Report | 02/23/2016 2:34 am
rains of castamere ftw
Deraca Report | 01/24/2013 1:29 pm
Hi You...I Was Looking Through Old Comments And Found Ur Weeping ANgel Comment smile


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Lannister loving she-geek, Southern California native.
Currently dreaming of Westeros and the Cosmere.


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