Hello deer! 4laugh
Location : Beltegeuse Canis Majoris
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Age : sweet 19
Member since : 12/20/2010

Hallo! I'm Ecto/Cat and I am an ♈ aries ! heart
Hobbies : drawing character stuff, singing, chatting, chewing bubblegum, laughing and sleeping a LOT.
Nature inspires me.
My favorite colors are green, yellow, lilac and pink.
You can find me on zOMG!, Towns or buying stuff at the marketplace.
Daft Punk/Porter Robinson/Disney/Dreamworks/Pokemon/Animal Crossing/Homestuck fan.

I'm generally a happy, outgoing, sociable person.
I'm tend to be in a good mood when it comes to people.
I compliment avis all the time! emotion_kirakira

wahmbulance I do commissions! If you want one you can check my current forum topic or my part of my work on my instagram. Also if you wanna help me please signal boost/credit me! I'd be really grateful! 4laugh wahmbulance

Recently I got Gaia engaged and married with the love of my life gaia_angelleft Edderkops gaia_angelright redface
Say yes to long distance relantionships ! emotion_bigheart Over 2 years together and still counting heart