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Who me?

Just a spazz looking to have a little fun with new friends.......If you are thinking dirty about me SHAME ON YOU!

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The Stories of a not-so-ordinary Girl

These are the strange and bizarre things that happen to me...but mostly my thoughts put into words. Sometimes I'll write down my stories or possibly I'll write a song but for with the strangeness of me.

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Soylent Constant Report | 08/06/2010 10:07 pm
Soylent Constant
xD Yeah, I know they'll enjoy seeing you again. It's always nice to have a couple regulars, and when it comes to making the newbies comfortable you're definitely the right person. xD I gotta say, working with you my first year sent my confidence way up.
Aha, pretty much. xD; Well, it's best I learned in high school and not in college, since I didn't have to pay for the course, y'know? But thanks! All the same to you Sashi. I want to see you teaching yer own chilluns' some day .w.
Soylent Constant Report | 08/02/2010 8:25 am
Soylent Constant
Sounds great! You're going to teach theater, right? xD Well, I'd rather not say since this is the internet, but yeah, one of the UTs. They put me down as a physics major, but I think I'll study Biology instead, since my last try at a physics class was... Urg. >>;.
Hey, if my car fit more than two people and if I had an actual liscense, I'd probably try to help as well. xD Plus, I'm sure the class likes seeing you and having you drive. I know Boydston loves it x3
Soylent Constant Report | 08/01/2010 9:01 pm
Soylent Constant
xD Why thanks! Don't worry; I'm going to do my best to visit as often as I can! Are you still going to be driving people? How're things going for you anyways :3?
Pineapplesk8r Report | 07/14/2010 1:50 am
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Soylent Constant Report | 08/15/2009 7:59 am
Soylent Constant
xDD THat was epic! How do I shot we- Oh, hey, look!
Soylent Constant Report | 07/14/2009 9:30 pm
Soylent Constant
xD Yeah! They shouldn't get a promotion to adulthood unless they can act like it.
Only a couple weeks left until school starts back! Competition time grows near >3
Soylent Constant Report | 07/13/2009 10:04 pm
Soylent Constant
8D One more year before I can do neat adult stuff!
Soylent Constant Report | 07/04/2009 10:22 am
Soylent Constant
xD Yeah, but you still looked sophisticated even when we were high-tailing it up that giant spiraly staircase. Me too! x3 I can't wait to see who's going to be on the team. And I look forward to seeing you there <3.
Soylent Constant Report | 06/20/2009 11:11 pm
Soylent Constant
^^ Yeah, and sometimes you even get to offer advice to the willing newbies!
I think that time when they mixed up our room thingy at Gatlinburg was probably the most fun I've ever had at comp, too xD. You know, when they had me competing in our room- Even though we didn't know they wanted to use it ;^;. That was hilarious.
Soylent Constant Report | 06/20/2009 11:10 am
Soylent Constant
Well I wish you the best of luck and I'm sure you'll do fine in your classes <3.
Yup! :] You still gonna come and drive us to competitions?

My Wish Avi.

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I love dreaming...

x Alora x
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Soylent Constant

Band Kids Unite!!!!!

I love you guys. X3

Upgrade! XO

*sneakys* :3... I'm gonna get you.

I'm naked! XD