Hi, welcome to my profile. I am Sariyanna, people always call me Sari or Sarie. c: I've been here since 2007, using this exact account. I don't have multiples.

I am a 27 year old female in RL. My sign is Leo. And my Chinese zodiac is the Rooster!

I live on the East coast of the United States, that's all I'm gonna tell ya. And my real name is Felicia, BUT it's not spelled that way. xD

I am Black/African American and Native American among some other things probably. I'm not exactly educated on my roots.

I was in college but I'm mostly working full time in retail now. Finances made me take a break from higher education for a while, AND I don't really know what I want to do career-wise.

I like all kinds of music and have various interests in general. I love graphic novels so manga is close to my heart as is anime. I go long periods without reading or watching anything though due to my growing dependency on technology. But I still love it.

I'm an animal lover, and have social anxiety and it's terrible. I've been dealing with it since I was little. I write alot. It's a hobby of mine so I role-play on here but lately, I've had trouble enjoying it as much as before but I also can't quit! I also like reading and drawing.

I feel I may be too old to be here eventually but I'm not sure when I'm leaving Gaia so whatever. I'm here for now. I've met awesome people on here. :'3

Peace! emotion_yatta


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It's been a long time since we talked. Pretty sure we used to message a lot. It'd be cool to talk since we've both grown a lot since back then. lmk

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ur welcome heart

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I gotta take a mondo duke

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I gotta take a mondo duke

Awesome Avi!

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Aww. heart
Yeah she is! I'm jealous. xD I'm really hoping it goes well, soo so much. And hoping to god the things im shipping out dont get lost. D:<
I know what you mean, I get really bad anxiety too. I'm the worst at traveling alone, but I feel like I have to at the very least try. : 3
Aww, no worries. heart No reason to rush yourself, you got plenty of time to decide when. <3
As long as you got your family with you and you're happy, that's all that matters. ^0^
I understand that, basically how I felt about staying, even if it was tempting. It's true though, plenty of time to think. It's never good to just throw yourself into a situation like moving. : O
Best to be prepared beforehand. Is your friend looking for roomates? Maybe you could live with her. : O
I agree! I'd be so scared moving in somewhere myself, that would be terrifying. xd But I believe in you! < 3
Yeah houses are better, it's just so damn hard to make money in this economy. I wouldn't even afford an apartment on my own lmao.
I know you can do it! Im rooting for ya! : D heart

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Agreed! I have no friends left from years ago, but even still, you were always one of my most favorite out of the list. emotion_bigheart
Aww, you so sweet. <3 I love ya so much. : D I'm glad we met each other so long ago and still talk!
Hope you're able to catch some breaks and enjoy your rps too. : O
My one sis moved out, and now it's my turn so I'm moving out alone. I just hope I can figure out what to do and where to go,
because I suck at directions and finding things lol.
Aw, you can do it girl! I believe in you! ^0^ I know what you mean though, it's really scary trying to get around on your own.
I'm terrified. D : But I believe in you all the way! I know you got this. <3 Apartments look so nice!
If you could choose, would you prefer an apartment or a home? : O

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Aww, hope you can get any rest soon, exhaustion isn't fun. D : I'm glad you're still here!
You're the only friend I had way back long ago who still logs in. I'm happy you get the chance to log in, even if for a day or two. heart
I hear ya on that! Rps can be pretty time consuming. Hope you're enjoying yours though! <3
I've been good thanks. c: I am in the process of preparing to move, I thought it'd be easy but it's been kinda hard.
Aw. <3 Ofc I'd add you! For how many years I knew you and loved ya, makes you special to me. emotion_bigheart

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Hey Sarii, I've missed you!! crying
How have you been??

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I'm doing alright working and saving money.

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Hey Sari how have you been?


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