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Sariah SlaveDriver

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Birthday: 05/16



Born and raised in Lucca, Italy Sariah Gianna Pantera grew up the second oldest in a family of six. Raised in Roman Catholic household she learned to respect others feelings and put others above herself. Her father's side was branched from an exceptional Mafia so she always knew about their ways. At the age of fourteen she was accepted in a Polytechnic High school where she majored in Mathematics and surprisingly as a frail and gentle girl she took Auto Mechanics to receive her degree in the study. It was also where she met her High School sweetheart Orsino Lovera, being together all through out their school years they decided they were ready to get married at the crisp age of 20. A year later at their wedding Orsino left Sariah at the alter because he believed they were too young to make decisions so rashly and broke up with her completely. At first Sariah was calm but soon her peaceful cocoon broke to revel an angry, beastly, wicked woman who tore the church to shreds. That day on she remained cold and hateful vowing to be as weak and naive as she once was. Two years passed while she was working with her father with little Mafia jobs she became known to be fearless and malice. A word came in to where she was needed to protect a Russian teenager, who was the only son left of the head of the Russian Mafia leader, in a global illustrious military academy. She accepted the offer wanting to escape Italy to become Heavens Door All Boys School's Math teacher where a new story has begun for her.

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