My name ish Ish, Ish ish my name. Lol, that's my nickname...((Ish if you didn't get it the first time...)) I am extremely hyperactive, and I don't know...weird...and random. I am always bored, and sometimes tired...well most of the time anyway...
I just lost the love of my life. Jerrmey Verner. We have dated for a year and 7 months. And we broke up because I decided to be a dumbass. I loved him with all of my heart!!! I know it was my fault, and it always has been. But...I don't know anymore, about anything.
I like roleplaying, either it be semi literate, or literate. My roleplaying character is Saria Adams, I use the same character, because I am too lazy to make new names, and backgrounds. I am used to this character and comfortable. I don't want to change! XP


Hello Gaians,I'm Saria and I am currently questing a lunar cloak.I have 5k/20k and would like some donations towards this item.Any amount will be great and donators will be posted in my journal or profile.


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As most people know, my Gaia name is the same as my D+D name. Saria Adams, so for something to do, I am going to add my D+D profile to my Gaia profile. if anyone would like to comment, that would be cool. I would prefer not to be flamed because of length...or whatever.

Name- Saria Adams
Age- 17
Race- Cat Demon
Class- Rogue
Weapons- 2 Daggers, which she calls her Shugara Daggers, and a bow.
Looks- She is 5'2'' weighing at 105 pounds, she has shoulder length Black and red hair. Her bra size is D-36, and her waist is small. Her clothing is a red bikini, and a black cloak in which she wears over top of it. She has black cat ears, and a long black tail with a red tip at the end of it. She also has a star shape on her forehead which is also red. The red tip on her tail, and the Red star shaped mark on her forehead glow when she feels threatened, or she is afraid. She wears knee high black leather boots also, and a red pendant which she wears around her neck. Her mother had given it to her when she was born.
Personality- She is usually a very cheerful person, and always likes to make friends, and have fun. But when she has to fight she will. She personally dislikes fighting, and attempts to avoid it whenever she can...She also loves sex... ((I'm sorry if that's too discriminative for it, it doesn't mean I have to cyber when I am roleplaying, I can't do that...but it's a trait of hers.))
Background- Saria Adams grew up in a small village called Shugara, but when she was 3 years old, her parents were tragically killed by 2 magicians. Saria was playing outside climbing a tree when she heard the horrific scream of her mother. When she had gotten inside, she found her parents lying dead on the floor of her front room. She took her mothers daggers, which were to have been passed down to Saria when she had grown of age, but Saria was strong enough mentally to take them at her current age. She swore vengeance from that day on.
As she was leaving her village to go find the ones who had killed her parents, her mothers friend Thirren stopped her, and asked her what had happened. When she had explained to him her situation he brought her back to his house, and he tought her how to fight, and use her daggers. She trained for 5 years, and when she was 8 years old, she left. It was a long time before she made any "real friends" She mostly stayed to herself, spending the small amount of gold she had on food, and to spend the night in inns. She did good deeds for people around villages to gain gold.
When she was 15 she met her first "true friends" and they stayed with her until she killed the magicians the year after. Izulde Unon'dall The dark elf, and Anthrax Slayer, The goblin Lord.. She thought of them as friends forever, but...She had lost Izulde, and Anthrax left her alone.
Izulde after a while had taught her the Dark Elven magic, and gave her a spell book. Because of her pendant, she found out that she can weild magic, and that her mother was really a sorceress. That is why her tail and the mark on her forehead glow red when she feels threatened or in danger.
So here she is, 17, and looking for her friends. Her supposed "Friends for Life"
Likes- Meeting new People, Climbing trees, Languages, magic, being herself, eating, and riceballs.
Dislikes- Water, fighting.


Random Shizznat!!!

...meh...everything...sh*t about me...stuff I hate and I don't know!



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i love ur profile
it cool but ?? how do u get a layout on this thingy
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PrInCeSs N

HI!! loving the profile especially the video!! razz razz
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Abused and Broken

Awesome awesome. *huggles* I love your new multimedia!
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^^ eeeee *squak* Ello! *huggle glomp nuzzle*

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Can't wait till the GnR concert tonight.

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i dont know which would be my favorite sailor but I do like eternal sailor moon and i like the sailor stars

by the way i like the new media it even has pretty guardian >w<
hardcore mostapha

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hardcore mostapha

i really like your avatar..
and i love sailor moon too..


although i haven't seen the whole series

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Thromalis Zarzamee


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got one for you it seems you like mars


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