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User ImageHello! My name is Sarethim, thanks for stopping by my profile. I'm fairly new to Gaia so let me know if I'm doing anything silly! I'm still just trying to get the hang of everything and make some friends.

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I love making custom graphics/art... so if you like what you see and want a custom profile or artwork please PM me!

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Me IRL? I'm an adult who hails from the Midwest US and works in Information Technology & Audio Visual Technology doing touch overlay programming and technical support. I have a second job doing web development as a freelancer, and I work a third job as a coordinator for our city's farmers market. emotion_dowant Heh. Graduated from college with my Bachelors and considering perhaps a masters down the road. I speak German and some Mandarin. I'm obsessed with gardens and bugs, and am also a volunteer beekeeper for my county. Grew up in the city but now I live in the rurals. Hit me up, let's be friends.
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Anamosa Valentine Report | 05/24/2016 8:42 am
Anamosa Valentine
I like your avatar's princess look! Nicely put together! 3nodding
faeukiyo Report | 02/18/2016 8:03 pm
no problem cutie.
Dainty Plague Report | 12/18/2015 4:22 pm
Dainty Plague
(I accidentally clicked on your profile during the xmas event lol) I LOVE YOUR PROFILE emotion_kirakira Where did you get it from?? I love Over the Garden Wall emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira Sorry for being a creeper! rofl
The1Amazoness Report | 08/08/2015 9:23 pm
Thank you for your purchase! 3nodding
Hennbane Report | 07/24/2015 12:57 pm
Thanks for buying! Enjoy~
Quirky1 Report | 07/11/2015 10:12 pm
smile Thanks for shopping. Have a good one.
Laeril Report | 07/11/2015 4:49 pm
Thank you for your purchase!
Laeril Report | 07/11/2015 4:48 pm
Thank you for your purchase!
XxmickeyTxX Report | 06/12/2015 7:28 pm
thanks a million for your purchase! mrgreen
Thais Imai Report | 06/12/2015 5:48 pm
Thais Imai
thanks for the purchase