About Mee.[:

Hello. I'm Sarahh. Please Spell It Right. 14 Years Old. In 8th Grade At PJH. I Live In Nebraska. I Hate It Here. Taken...By Bri. Yes, I'm Bisexual. I Smoke, Drink, Get High. I Pop Pills. Get The ******** Over It. I Cuss Like A ******** Sailor. I'm Emo. Call Me Fake, I'll ******** You Up. I'm NOT Fake. I Have OCD. I'm Scared Of The Dark. Hugs Are The s**t. Especially If They From Bri.[: If You Decide To Message Or Comment Me, Please Use Propper Grammar. Do Not Talk L!k3 D!$ B3c4u$3 !t'$ R34lly 4nn0y!ng. If You Do, I Wont Reply. I Have 3 Piercings; Monroe, Eyebrow, And Gauges. My Bestest Friends Are Zany, Lexi, Jessie, And Kelsi. ******** With Them And I'll Shank You. Not Even Kidding. Hate Me, Idgaf. Start s**t, And I'll Start s**t Right Back. Yeah, I'm A b***h. I Believe I'm Done Here. Add, Message, Comment, Text, Whatever. Ask For The Number.