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Herro, I'm Sarahmoo, But you can call me Sarah.
I'm seventeen and live with my girlfriend.
We breed and hand raise parrots and I'm currently dedicated to raising my first show dog, Vegas.

I like things like horror movies, reading, musics, and I'm obsessed with Skyrim like everyone else.

- Ajmus has a rocking face, and I love her. She's my moo.

The animals.


Boo is almost 8 now years old now. He's my baby, rescued from a box in front of a truck stop as a kitten.
He spends his day in his kitty bed, on my lap, and at his food bowl, which is empty entirely too much in his mind.

Kairi is our eight month old kitten. She is... very lovable and insane. She's definitely AJ's kitty.
She spends her day running around the house psychotically and then taking breaks to be affectionate.

Yuna is a cat we took in for our friend who couldn't keep her. She's pretty shy but she's really sweet. She was originally just an alleycat that was taken in so she's made a lot of progress.
She spends her day... eating and sleeping and staring at people.

-Maiya Bunny Moo

Maiya is our 5 year old baby. She's a border collie mix, a retired service dog, and the best friend I could ever ask for. She's had some rough patches in her life, especially before her food allergies were diagnosed, but now she is happily retired and spoiled rotten.
She spends her time by our side, chasing squirrels, and getting on the couch when we aren't home.


Zen is my girlfriends 4 year old service fog. He is an American Staffordshire Terrier (Or yes, pit bull).
He's a huge baby and thinks hes a lap dog, and guess what? He has allergies too.
He spends his day helping AJ as she needs it, attempting to sneak onto the couch, and giving hugs.

R.I.P Zen.


Vegas is my pride and joy. He's a 4 month old German Shepherd Dog, and he is my long awaited, dream dog. His future has plans to become an AKC champion, therapy dog (TDI), Obedience star, and probably a lot more.
He spends his day being trained. A lot. And running around. And playing. And eating. And you know, puppy stuff.

Lulu is our Cockatiel. She is definitely AJs bird. She also says "pewpew" but also whistles stuff. Like the Adam's Family theme song. Shes cool.
She spends her day trying to be louder than Gemini, and making a big mess in her cage.


November 1st, 1965 - January 6th, 2010
I love you, mama.
I miss you so much.

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Report | 11/19/2013 3:09 pm


Happy Bday!

Report | 12/14/2012 10:23 pm


Your dog has MASSIVE ears! cat_surprised

Report | 07/29/2012 6:27 pm


I sure do miss you!

Report | 03/29/2012 6:51 am


SARAH heart
cherry god mother

Report | 12/07/2011 8:45 am

cherry god mother

So you're saying German Shepards come from Germany. Who'da thunk?

It is. * u* I love it. It's something I've wanted since I was a freshman in high school, and I thought I'd have to wait until I was 23 or something.
cherry god mother

Report | 12/07/2011 8:34 am

cherry god mother

Really? I want to go to Germany too! I really want to see Munich. Those sunflowers.... emotion_kirakira Why do you want to travel to Germany? C:
Is the Amazon for the animals? O 3O

And YES. Two bedroom, your own washer and drier, and a balcony with a view. <3
cherry god mother

Report | 12/05/2011 3:58 pm

cherry god mother

New major, new apartment!
>My new major is Social Work. Also, I'll be going to New York for a mission trip with a group I'm in. I'm excited because I'll get to help out a Hispanic church and thus, practice my speakin'. c:
Also, hopefully going to Peru this summer to study. I'm a bit worried about it though. = n=
Also, new apartment instead of a stuffy old dorm!! Loving it. > w<
cherry god mother

Report | 12/05/2011 11:20 am

cherry god mother

Aw, shucks. I hope so. ><
And woot! I feel like that's all you need. xD
cherry god mother

Report | 12/04/2011 8:42 pm

cherry god mother

Better than when you last spoke to me. c: However, it's finals season, so I'm frightened of a relapse. gonk
And oh no!! D: *hugs* Well, do you like your new place?
cherry god mother

Report | 12/04/2011 6:09 am

cherry god mother

SARAH!!! How are you, love?! How are the pets? C:


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