Hello, It appears you have found my profile. sweatdrop
There's not much to see,
but I hope this small excuse of a profile gives you a good impression.

Let's start with introductions!
I'm SapphireUmbra, but a lot of my friends in RPs refer to me as Sapphire or Umbra.
Most of them call me Umbra.

If you're wondering how this name came about..
Knowing Gaia, you're probably not-
It's basically a combination of my favorite gem (sapphires)
and shadow (umbra) since I'm an edgelord.

As of now, my main hobbies are
Roleplaying, Drawing, and Video Games.
Cliché, I know.

I'm also really into fantasy.
You'll never see my avatar without pointed ears,
because elves are by far my most favorite fantasy race. heart

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