baby baby, gonna be alright
cause i'm by your side when the whole world turns against you
i won't turn against you

Most importantly, I'm a mommy of two. My kids come before everyone and everything else, get over it. I love clouds and dancing in the rain. Music is my guilty pleasure. I hate it when people lie to me. It’s easier to be honest, trust me. I get upset easily, and I hate it. When I am upset, there’s only a few people who can cheer me up. I love talking in third person. It makes conversations more fun. I love my friends to freakin death. I have a serious case of mom-brain, so good luck trying to talk to me. I forget things almost immediately and I have a bad habit of randomly changing the subject right in the middle of a conversation. I’m easily confused and easily amused. Oh, and I love the Backstreet Boys.<3

you can let go
there ain't nothin you can do to make me turn away from you
i need you to know