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Trying to find and start a conversation with (possible to be) friends is a little hard at times since not all members of society are animation enthusiasts. Even though I wear the guise of a quiet person, my true colors bloom eventually. I like to draw and write although I wish I had the time to dedicate myself to them. I cannot live without my music for it is a source of inspiration. Oh and, btw, moments of nonsense that only I can comprehend are normal when a homo sapient is socializing with me. You may think I'm crazy, but I'm partially sane like everybody else: that includes you too.

And that concludes the basics that you have to know about me, so I hope to hear from you soon!

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Crablobab Report | 01/08/2018 8:21 pm
I don't happen to celebrate that, but I thank you nonetheless! That's not a problem either, real life should always come before your virtual one of course.

It feels... mystical. Like I've been sent off to a land where all my dreams are coming true. Kidding, it doesn't feel too different. Pretty proud of myself that I managed to put down 2018 instead of 2017 on the first try, I'm improving in that at the very least.

Tropical sunshine!? Oh, lucky you. You took pictures, right? You've got to share them! If anything, hopefully i'll feel warmer just by looking at them. It was pretty cold here, yeah. For a while it was actually a bit risky to go outside when it was -15 ish, but now it's warmed up a bit. It's still not warm, but now we're technically warmer than Antarctica at least. And I wouldn't wish that much of a struggle on anyone, glad to hear you've improved at least but I do hope it gets better!

Ooh, look at you already moving on up! Nice job, seriously, that's pretty amazing you've managed to advance that quickly. Even with honours, too. I've managed to get honours a few times in school, but I can't imagine school honours would feel nearly as special as that you know? What areas do you happen to be teaching in now?

Oh, don't worry about that, I've been frozen for the last week or so. Finally managing to thaw out, though.
Crablobab Report | 12/31/2017 9:15 pm
It's the new year already? Oh dear, here's to writing down last year's date over and over again. I'd make a new years' resolution, but I can't commit to anything, so i'll just go with making a resolution to never make resolutions. Wait a second...

Happy new year to you as well! Thanks for the gift, too. Been forgetting to open them recently but I always do get around to it. Eventually!
Crablobab Report | 11/26/2017 7:04 pm
I know, I know. I just can't help it sometimes. I always have a lot of trouble falling asleep. Morning me definitely hates late night me. Sometimes it just feels hard to even drag myself out of bed in the morning though.

Oh, well, that's not too pleasant. Just try to survive, at the very least. It's no problem that you won't be on here, best that you focus on real life stuff over the internet. I always liked the break to catch up on sleep, but was never really a fan of christmas myself. Not sure why. Always made me a little jealous when I heard people getting together on christmas; our family has a little too many differences. buut a part of me doesn't mind too much either, never quite liked social gatherings.

thank you for all the things! certainly makes filling out my wishlist easier. Starting to wish I bought that I am Artist item before i left, it used to be 500B and now it's over 2T! And thanks for the compliments, i bought the original avatar off the marketplace but switched the hair, put the dog up top, changed the eyes and added some of the plumage at the bottom. So, not exactly original.
Crablobab Report | 11/23/2017 3:59 pm
Eh, it's been alright. Not great but not terrible, as usual. Just trying to get through school as usual, although that's been pretty easy. Mostly catching up on sleep i've missed, a lot of the time i just get home and immediately take a nap or something.

Good to hear you're at least a little less busy now, from what you've said it seems your profession keeps you really busy a lot of the time. I've never been much of a fan of christmas to be honest. Some people try to make it this big occasion and compete with their gifts, but all i ever really want to do is get cozy and relax. Never been one for material things, i guess.

oh dear. well, i'll be on high alert.
Crablobab Report | 10/07/2017 7:54 am
thank you for the words! I'm not completely sure yet, but leaving would certainly be a healthy option. Moving onto bigger things and this site is certainly not an adequate use of my time... but knowing me i'll eventually come back anyway.
Crablobab Report | 10/02/2017 3:23 pm
haha, indeed! Finally managed to get back to 2 trillion, then opened my Wanted thread with loads of items in it. I've bought a lot of stuff so far, but just one item I really need still eludes me! it's just simply so rare. I made this one on a whim, I thought it turned out okay. I like the hat but at the same time i'm not sure if it meshes well. if i'm cosplaying as someone, i didn't mean it intentionally!

Hmm, i'm not sure about that. I'm thinking that the top line for prices will drop, but the bottom line is going to stay the same. People would pay lots and lots more for a well-socketed kin (like, two squares and a diamond or something) since they were so rare. But now, they're easily achievable by pretty much anyone (thank goodness). It's kind of like the quality of goods and prices both equalizing at once.

Already have him fixed up! He's SSD now, so he can equip two squares and a diamond. Currently I have equipped on him: 7% accuracy (square), 4% accuracy and 5% damage(square 2), and 6% gold find(diamond). So in total his accuracy is capped out now, too. Shouldn't have any issues with missing, thank goodness. If I can find another 7% accuracy amulet, i'll send it back with him so you aren't stuck missing your attacks.

nice job! satisfying when it all finally comes together. Been too long since i've seen a good orange themed avatar.
Crablobab Report | 09/27/2017 8:20 pm
Ah, this'll probably be the last one i'm participating in for a very long time. Just trying to get my gold back up at this point. The thread isn't exactly mine, but there's a bunch in the Lake Kindred forums that i've helped in.

I can't really remember why I wanted to get an ambitious fafnir in the first place, it was certainly an ambitious prospect with the huge 700 billion price tag on it. Glad we managed to pull through though, since there's nearly no way we'd be able to afford one now. The equips are in pretty high demand I think, since the kin itself is so rare. So if you ever get bored with the equips he gave you, they'll always fetch a good price. Almost everyone thinks Ambitious is better, despite never having used one, so maybe other people just have differing opinions about it. Ambitious is definitely a riskier pick than Starlit, but when you hit a lucky streak with his confusion, he shreds anything.

oh, it's relatively new! There's two potions in the Lake Kindred store that you can use on your kin Equip screen to re-roll their amulets. There's the cheaper (750m) full re-roll potion, which is effectively like revealing your kin's sockets for the first time again. Like the original reveal, it's completely random and generates 1 - 3 amulet slots.

Then there's the single re-roll potion, which is more expensive (3b). The full re-roll is more a general "everything sucks and we need to fix this" while the single re-roll is more of a fine tune, as it only re-rolls the selected amulet slot. Very good for getting specific sockets you need.

The important thing to note here is that with the single re-roll potion, you cannot re-roll sockets that you don't have. Might sound silly, but if you have something like two sockets on your Fafnir and wanted a third, you can't use the single re-roll to generate a new slot. You have to use the full re-roll and get lucky to reveal all 3 slots. Also, any amulets in slots you re-roll are returned to your inventory, so don't bother unequipping them before using your re-roll.

Crablobab Report | 09/26/2017 9:26 pm
no rush for that one! i get you're pretty busy.

Sure thing, i'll use him for now and send him back over once November hits. He has a couple square sockets now, so i'll send him back with some amulets to use as well. I hope you do find some semblance of a break for yourself though, try not to go completely crazy on us! I'm helping in a charity sort of thing for lake kindred as well as lots of other people for halloween, so if you ever have spare time to pop in during october there's lots of giveaways for it.

It's kinda weird, Ambitious wasn't nearly as popular when we bought him back when he was "only" 700 billion. Now he's 2 trillion, and it seems like everyone wants one now. I'd never pay nearly that much gold for any kin, but maybe the price and exclusivity itself is enticing.

Oh, they fixed Sycamorte seeds not dropping certain kin, namely Sakura Pegacorn and Spirited Ember. Sakura is still going down a little now that amulet re-rolling came out and it's really easy to get a good sakura now. Spirited Ember got hit way harder though, it used to be 200b+ and now it's less than 30b usually.
Crablobab Report | 09/26/2017 7:21 pm
alright, just this one last thing and i'll stop bothering you, I promise

one, when did you want Fafy back? was looking to take him for a bit of a spin alongside my starlit fafnir and show Lake kindred the double dragon menace, those two are pretty brutal fighters when they're fully equipped with amulets.

and two, Ambitious Fafnir seems like he's really popular and desired in the community now. Whenever someone sees that we have one they immediately want to buy it and start asking questions about it, haha. it's like the Ferrari of lake kindred or something.
Crablobab Report | 09/26/2017 4:20 am
aww, darn. you're gonna kill poor old crab at this rate with all this secrecy! i've gotten a good amount of my gold back, so I wouldn't have trouble affording it.

and dang, I forgot what using fafy was like, he hits hard! I changed his amulets from two diamonds to two squares and a diamond, so you'll be able to put bonus damage and accuracy on him. finally, less of missing all of our attacks.

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