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Let's start with basics shall we? My name is Lexi, and i'm 20, woot woot, half filipino and half german, and in college. I'm taken, straight, and just fine with that THANK YOU! Yes I'm sure I'm straight. I've been into a few religions and if you have known me you'll notice that I've taken down that I am a Wiccan. That is because I'm at a point in my life where I'm going through a big and very serious religion issue. I'm telling you now, I AM STILL RELIGIOUSLY TOLERANT, SO PLEASE RETURN THE FAVOR! So if you've read this far congrats! You know more about me than the average stranger and street performer! Way to go. Look below to learn more...

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Let me make this easy to find stuff!

VIDEO GAMES: I like to play a wide variety of video games, including but not limited to, LoL, Eden Eternal, PWI, Final Fantasy, .Hack, Portal series, Elder Scrolls series, Left 4 Dead and a few others that I can't remember the names to right now. Leave a comment if you've got a good game to play!

MUSIC: I absolutely love love love heavy metal and easy screamo. To me screamo has scales, there's easy, meduim and hard. Difficulty is based off of how well you can hear the lyrics. I am also getting a little more into techno kind of stuff thanks to my sister. Other than that yay for 80's 90's and today, and good christian alternative.

MOVIES:I LOVE scary movies, but I don't handle them well. Thrillers are fine, and if I'm interested I won't be scared of them (usually). I do like comedy's and action flicks though. A few of my favorites are Just Friends, Bruce Almighty, and Elf. I also love my asian movies like Kid with the Golden Arm, Seven Deadly Venoms, yeah...my family loves those. Serious movies and chick flicks, I'm sorry I just don't get. I'm a guy sometimes, and chick flicks just seem so lame to me.

BOOKS: I'll read anything under the sun as long as I think it's interesting. Robin McKinley I think it was was a good author I just loved. Who ever wrote The Blue Sword and The Hero's Crown. Man, those were some good books. I also liked another series, I think the first book was Luck in the Shadows? Good read, definitely. Sadly, I will admit that I read the Twilight series, and the Harry Potter, and all those other teenage drama books. But I find more enjoyment out of books like Luck in the Shadows because they're targeted towards an older audience who hasn't given up on fantasty yet! Another fantastic read is Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. heart The Shadow Children was another good series that I'll never forget. If you haven't read it DO IT. It's like a 5th grade reading level guys, seriously, but it's fan-freakin-tastic. If you've got a good book or series, leave a comment, please, and I'll go look it up right away!

ACTIVITES: I played in my high school marching band as a flute/piccolo player and section leader (if you know what that means...), and help with my friend Kira_Urufu when she cosplays and makes props. Overall I'm kind of uninteresting, because it's hot where I live, and outside is like being in a burning hell, so outside is bad. I spend my time RPing believe it or not! There should be a list of guilds I'm in around here somewhere, so go check them out and join in on the fun. Lately I've been getting more exercise and going hiking, but again it's pretty hot so yeah.

*~*fishie out*~*


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Sanguine Mistress' Rough Drafts

Here you can find excerpts of my works-in-progress. Feel free to comment any suggestions or critique to your pleasure. PS: This also includes telling me how much I suck.


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Bill has been very generous :3
II Sheepie II

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II Sheepie II

thanks for buying~ 3nodding

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Oh my gosh, stop changing your username...your making my job harder by doing so, now I has to go change your name in all the areas that you are mentioned in...grrrrrrr.

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Yay! I was mentioned in your about me ^_^.
Anywhos, love your new avi ^_^
Can't wait to see you in vegas...Im so excited I am finally leaving the state ^_^

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thanks for buying

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First comment.
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Volkov Seraphim

Thanks for the purchase, Luv

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cool avi
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You'll love this guild.

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Does it show I'm offline? ._.


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