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RPC Name: Zer0 Sanguine

Race:Wolf/Dragon Hybrid


Height:6' 3"


Motives razz leasure of killing,revenge,wants to free his father from enslavement.

Weapons:Fire breathing,manipulation of own fire based attacks.(later gains the ability to utilize tongue and tail as weapons,due to the fact that he is imprisoned in a straight jacket)

Hometown/Village:Skyrim born in,raised within the Forest Paradise,until it's terrible destruction caused by a demon attack.

Family:Mother: Morgana Iris Race:Wolf/Demon Status biggrin eceased
She abandoned Zer0 after the realization that he was part dragon and knew that the clan would kill him for being a hybrid.Choosing love over pride,she saw Lilith and noticed Shadow was playing with Zer0(both children at the time) and the mothers knew that their sons had began a brotherly bond she spook to Lilith,since she was capable of communing with creatures,and explained the dire situation and Lilith accepted Zer0 as a second son.

-Father:Krad Sanguine Race biggrin ragon/overlord Status:M.I.A/enslaved
Not much is know since he vanished at Zer0's birth.Word broke out that a great demon lord had enslaved a great and powerful dragon,using powerful but potent black magic to enslave and brainwashed him to do his biding.

Zer0 was captured at the forest village,where he was living with his adoptive mother and adoptive brother,his adoptive mother was killed during the raid.His brother had been captured(from what he saw) his vision blackened as he was put unconscious and taken away for experimentation,he never saw Shadow during his captivity,but he heard rumors that a demonic kid was killed after his attempted escape.

Due to his capture he was very violent and blood thirsty to the point where Zer0 was permanently strapped to an unbreakable straight jacket and thus he could never use his arms.He continued to struggle until the day he was thrown out from the castle window and into a river that had a strong current that washed him away several thousand miles from the castle,he was saved by 2 outcast wolves one was Shippo her brother was Murdock,as the sickness began to take it's toll on his body,he felt severe pain as he wandered around the mountainous region with his two new found friends they sensed he was severely poisoned by a radiation that was slowly killing him,until the last month before his death,his brother showed up with the cure,an alchemical transmutation began and he was reborn.

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Now as much as i love to role play ill let you get to know me a little bit. Well my name is Zer0 (yes Zer0 is my name, its what everyone has called me since i was a kid) I love music of all kinds, im a huge anime fan, im also a big stoner and proud of it im single and intend to stay that way (dosent mean i cant fool around though wink ) umm what else uhhhhh well its not that important but i am clinically insane ( I have a number of things that effect me such as visions and voices ) Im a big supporter of Icarus (Icarus is a group of mental patients that got together and deiced to try to find ways to live semi normal lives without the use of medication) yea thats about it real me and rp me you pretty much know me now so consider us friends Henh


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Kinnin Vo-Shay Mule Report | 08/15/2011 10:19 am
Kinnin Vo-Shay Mule
ShadowOmega-Knightsbane Report | 06/06/2011 4:33 pm
btw...dont tell Morgan that I reabsorbed ALL my...medicine. you know what I mean. :/ laters.
ShadowOmega-Knightsbane Report | 06/06/2011 4:14 pm
tch at least your xbox nd ps2 s**t didnt get stolen. >:/
dragonisia Report | 04/20/2011 4:41 pm
happy b-day
alexpardeeartwork2 Report | 04/17/2011 3:14 pm
happy early birthday! good luck! wink
MerektheVile Report | 04/15/2011 9:17 pm
you a cold hearted ******** idiot. and you know what? i don't give a ******** s**t about what you, or anyone else in this ******** world has to say about me, or anything to do with me. i have better things to do than to argue with an immature selfish a*****e who thinks he has a pair.
so you know what you can do? you can rot in Hell with the rest of the bitches who think they can get to me. did that process through your thick skull?
MerektheVile Report | 04/14/2011 2:31 pm
last time i checked, i dont ******** know you, so you don't have to pay attention to me, or what im saying/doing.
why dont u go ******** yourself? you probably already do.
MerektheVile Report | 03/29/2011 4:20 pm
you think i haven't already considered suicide? idiot.
Kush Kommander Report | 02/24/2011 6:50 pm
Kush Kommander
nevermind thank u!
Kush Kommander Report | 02/24/2011 6:32 pm
Kush Kommander
sange man i dont want to interupt yr killing spree but i just bought a summon fluff and i dont know how to equip it!! HELp!.. ninja rofl stressed
Sanguinary Zer0

Brother heel!


Hey I'm Shippo I'm one of Zero's oldest and best friends!

Hey everyone I'm Stitches I one of Zeros good friends an-*trips and falls on face* owww I'm a tad clumsy.

Are you really hitting on me?? I wouldn't do that if i were you, after all I am Zeros little sister!