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I suppose I have better things to do.

My name's Makaila but I'm nicknamed Kaylee, and I have better things to do.
I've been dating my boyfriend since 2010.

Nate, he thinks I'm clever and he's really, really, really, really cool. Really cool, seriously.
This is what happens when I compliment people.
Someone sang a song about me.

This is a list of people who have sang me the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Chloroformal and his younger relatives.
EIectric Cigarette

This reminds me of you so strongly

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Mr Throxus Report | 01/26/2014 10:03 pm
Mr Throxus
; o; thank you so much deary! Ill get more for you asap !
little mintchan Report | 01/23/2014 9:56 pm
little mintchan
aww man well thanks anyway :3
little mintchan Report | 01/23/2014 9:53 pm
little mintchan
aww do you know who drew it?
little mintchan Report | 01/23/2014 9:51 pm
little mintchan
i saw your signature and did you draw that? it's so pretty!
Corey-chan Report | 01/20/2014 8:37 pm
Just doin'.

Working and sleeping and almost getting something productive done and then losing motivation = w=;;

You seem slightly more cheerful.
Corey-chan Report | 01/19/2014 9:06 pm
Oh gosh sad
Well if I recall I met you shortly after your Birthday, couldn't have been more than a month so maybe I was just in a better position to remember.
Corey-chan Report | 01/16/2014 1:46 pm
In my time zone only, now that I think about it.
It had just turned 12 surprised
Corey-chan Report | 01/12/2014 9:01 pm
Happy birthday at the exact moment it's a day late!
Bacon Nick Report | 01/06/2014 12:07 pm
Bacon Nick
whats up!
Syrens Heart Report | 01/04/2014 11:52 pm
Syrens Heart
cool avi