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sandy sees stars.
sandy smartypants.
sandy shutyo'mouth.
sandy slaughter.
sandy dandy.
bond, james bond. ;DD

Find me on facebook, cuz I'm never here anymore.
just search my email?
Yes, it sounds like my @#!*% fo sho. (:

Ain't that dandyyyy? NAH @#!*% THAT'S SANDY. ;DD
XC Runner, <3
Hippie, <3
Pacifict, <3
********, <3
Rave-r, <3
Life Changer, <3
Revolutionist, <3
Bisexual, Proud, <3
Christian, Proud, <3
Batman Enthusiast, <3
Loudmouth, <3
Now hit me up, hoe.

and this one's for you.
iloveyou with all my heart, in evvvvvery way.
we've been through @#!*% , & back again.
i'm basically lost without you.
there's not a doubt in my mind that God put you here for me,
and me here for you. <3

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you are always on my mind, you are always in my heart.
iloveyoudearly. you're in a better place. <3
i'll be joining you soon enough. <3
naomi&aiden, rip.
111209 </3
122509 </3