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Let's see.
I'm 20, female, I live in Washington and I like stuff. biggrin

I'm a nice person but I'm not friendly.
So don't expect me to randomly accept you on my friendslist unless I know what kind of person you are, I don't want my PM box filled with chainletters and "friends" begging me for my gold and items.

I love playing computer games. My current addiction is Half Life. <3
But I actually mostly play real time strategy games, like Empire Earth, Warcraft 3 and Starcraft. (I beg of you not to ask me to play games with you online, it's seriously annoying and if you ask then I probably won't.) Games like Prince of Persia, Diablo and Half Life are actually quite new to me, but I'm not so bad at them that I can't finish the game. ;D

I also enjoy legos and trainsets but I haven't had the opprotunity to play with them in a very long time.

While I'm definately female, most of my interests are more in to male-oriented things. Meaning Barbie is a sh*tty toy.

I don't post my picture online hardly, so don't ask for it and certainly don't ask me to do signs. I'm really shy and few pictures of me actually turn out well and I don't want to take 25 thousand photos of me to get the perfect one.

I love building avatars and desiging things. I sometimes enter in the arena lately but my appearance there has been down the past few months due to people voting dishonestly for gold. If you have any questions or need any help with your avatars I'll be happy to help you. AT standards suck anyways cause they're all about matchy matchy to the point they're random and sh*tty. biggrin

Oh, and I'm not really an Admiral. XD


Looks like I need to start making an actual list of crew members. xd It's just a list but if it gets large enough I might have to do something about it. wink But I don't know how many crew members I should use for my limit, so I'll just use the Fibonacci sequence until someone tells me. xd When the time comes of course. Fleet Admiral is the only rank above Admiral but since that rank is only used during war time, it's not included since I'm not really at war with anyone. xd

Vice-Admiral -- Devoted Knight
Lieutentant -- AirisMagik
Captain -- [Captain Jv]
Petty Officer -- Coyotecom
Cadet -- Bulimic Rainbows
Monkey Mascot -- Yuri_shoujo


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I deleted all my comments and restricted people from commenting me because responding to others became a hassle, and I felt that it would have been rude of me if I didn't reply back.

If anyone wishes to tell me anything, they can simply PM me.


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