Hello there i'm Shannon,
but i'd prefer you not call me that.
I will answer to it, but i'd like it if
you called me one of these instead;
River, Sana, Sola or Cookie.

I'm a twenty-one year old shut in,
with a hoard of mental and physical health conditions,
my Anxiety and Depression coming to the forefront currently.

I'm a complete and utter geek, I love anime, gaming,
science fiction, musical theatre, just to name a few things.
Talk to me about Idina Menzel and i'll love you forever.

I have a very long list of celebrity lady crushes,
so yeah if you strike up a conversation involving
one of them I could talk for hours.

While I do like films, i'm much more of a Tv buff, old and new.

I also love avatar art, but can rarely afford it sweatdrop