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Hello. My name is Samuel Frederick Wolfe. I use Gaia Online as an experience to know about society. Sadly it is to say when one cannot go anywhere or stranded at home this is what one must do.

I have a Rhodesian Ridge-back I am taking care of. I am interested in a choice variety of things but I hope to have an honest will and good heart. Circumstances prevented me and they thought I would not make it to college. I proved them wrong in the manner yet my life is very technical.

Most of the time though I play games but also learn more about why I was here to do what I am in the first place. I have had experience with society and realize much of society does get worse but there is nothing to honestly state or rather those statistics are not shared.

Please ignore the factor of me wearing a turban in this photo or looking the way I do in it. I am from the US and am not involving myself with terrorism cause I know it is wrong.

It is best for one to live at peace I believe and it is peaceful or a little strange. Sometimes my insecurity gets the best of me.

I have the will power and the right to state who I am disregarding these issues and I look forward towards making memories that can replace the strains of time within my life forgotten or to be repaired.

I had held my memories for a long time but would rather share their special meaning as there is nothing more to me more important than life itself and others.

I am willing to council and or talk to anyone really. Sometimes I learn, and at other times I teach people how one is to understand by my behavior, also copying off of others trying to understand resource tools to society. That is not my intent to copy but to one day discover a principle which no man or I understand.

Surely I am not qualified to be a preacher but I know about matters of faith that every man is true to himself in his own heart and is willing to follow a man or something higher than a regular man's faith or one's own influence.

His desire in life shall be his blessing or his curse based on the motivations of a man in his doing. So as one experiments knowing his purpose... he discovers what little or more one can handle and seeks that which he does not know or his trial.

Love is in the man, but his innocence is only as good as his purity and promise. He keeps to himself from isolation and curiously wonders about others. This man of principle has been picked on when little and or misunderstood while growing up, if not like any other man.

Greater is his choice rather than one's action and decision to understand things. He knows even a small church can teach him to grow but sometimes that devotion comes with an honesty he cannot brag about. He only wishes for the best by observation and notices society gets worse and not better in its lack if not caused by another cause.

He grows in maturity but wonders what it was like to be young or how his life could have been. So he reads more forums and such on the network than what his life has shown. For his grades do not reflect who the man is whether or not he deserved them.

He believes in things on high with his manner but even through trials faith is not done without works as so is the opposite. People preach to the man and him also to others a hypocrite when we do things that we do not take to heart and or apply to our own.

So it comes to say... he can be twisted sometimes but that mind has only grown stronger than condition and more maturely but he feels as though he lacks something.

Has gone through many struggles on relationships and that is mainly his personal life. Nothing more is personal to him because he feels as though nothing truly belongs to him besides that which was given by mercy and grace.

And so the man cannot work for a living yet still lives because he understands what it means to suffer. Yet that suffering a man could have lost life in due time. His innocence will not remain but his treatment is his own conditions.

He is not a rich or a poor man. But an average man considers himself richer than others who are both poor and rich. Let me tell you why...

He saw a poor man's home compared to his own... realizing the peace he would not survive in those conditions. Yet the man knew not what it was like for money or could live off very little that he has as long as his spirit is high in truth.

His family and those close and fart who he consider special have taught the man. But he or them know not the man's value and virtue. Great is the man for understanding the rich are scandal and he as living as one not a scandal. But rather he is poor and has nothing. How his family lives is even a question.

For even that the man shall question others for advice on how one talks to family. Each one has a life of their own. But the man can hate and love. Though he hates the deeds of people, he cannot hate for he loved always in his loyalty towards others who became close over time.

I have learned through deceit and love, I had my heart broken, I remain strong.
I did not commit deceit of my own but refrained from that will. Yet, the man feels empty inside because he knew not greater was the corruption from which one could have fallen. Yet what reward would I have but wealth and possession when it benefits me and I do not use it but waste it? It profits me nothing.

I ran away from home once then returned realizing afterwards that my family was the best thing I could have. Yet I cannot admit to them these feelings. Those I feel sorry for who do not have a family or learn wrong from a guide. A man who kills or hates I see more people stealing a life rather than fighting for and gaining it. I regret knowing that I be one of those if I had a past.

But the past is the basic of a man that determines to others what he can be. So he says with the honest heart he too knows what it is like to be unloved and wanting one's own reward. This man not only suffered but sees life for what it is.

Besides sex, drugs, romance, sports, movies, music, entertainment, what could be there to stand for one's life meaning. These things I ask myself these questions knowing I do not want to experience but must go through at times. Not to be lazy but to know life.

I have always been stuck in books. Taking general classes besides High School. The work was greater then but they provided not the application. I took unto myself personality knowing that life at its greatest struggle could be a solution. But I have only seen what I brag about and not what I know truly to be that case. A man knows no more than his teacher less that man is a lair or hides the truth learning for his own.

I have seen people smarter and dumber than me for not their intelligence but their decisions. So I ask greater men or people who I befriend that I have suffered much and am not a lord but just a man.

To serve rather... it will come in time.

Also I write random things or type them in spare times but do not keep my works. So I define myself in a sadness of memory. Knowing what or which man would want to understand me.

It is my curiosity that leads me to a lack of fear but a risk I take knowing a life full of murderers with emotions and conflict.

If I had a journal... which I do but cannot finish... I say I have multiple... but I takes one with patience and time to gather his work.

I wish I were the best I could be or had a talent. But I knew not that which I spoke of.

Besides serving and material I ask what good is a man in his lack knowing that he could do better?

Let me tell you those who try to steal my personality... They have 5 problems.

Any man can hack a serial or number. That defines a man's account not man.

A man knows not my attitude. Therefore I ask who am I on the inside and out?

I am one with truth and honesty rare in a man. Rather a curse for reasons.

A man has not known a man or anyone.

And also this man knows something that also no man can take from him.

That is the five things that prevent a man from being hacked besides the prevention and such by guards. They no not me nor what I could do but also the fact if I know I shall understand greater than a mind if not my own will.

That intelligence is not one of its own and I fight against myself I could brag or become nothing or become that which I do not want to be...

I am fine the way I am though others see something wrong in my life. I have to admit if you put your name out online like I do...

You are crazy or courageous for proving who you actually are. There are people who pretend to be what they are not and that is okay as long as it is not another person or what one man does harm.

So even a principle not understood will hurt in translation of another.

I study and read the bible but am unable to finish it because I cannot live my life or understand some things about it.

I cannot know greater than those words which one understands but it will try to guide me and my heart true.

Yes I am a christian. Not really Arabic or on the other side of the world. You ask a man then why the turban and face.

Well... that is the way I look and take away the turban cause that was something I was doing for a photo shoot in the past.

I was once friends with an Arabian but that man moved back to his own country and wondering I do if that friend is still alive even or knows me which I know for a fact he does not and that was natural because he was my only friend growing up besides a few more I cannot remember..

I care less about a man's religion due to difference or similarity but I have the will to respect it as long as it does not kill a man or the economy hurting another.

As long as it is true to that which is above in every man I shall see no shame.
If a world turns away from reality that is society and I also a man.

For we all know that people will try to confuse or motivate a man from his birth to the time of his age.

My principle is that of Christ but I am not him. I am no more perfect than any other. I would be killed if on the other side of the world and if here I expressed how I thought even they would not understand me but take me to a doctor.

So to catch also a man at lies they understand or want to build with a man.
I only want to admit how a man lives in a hateful world and could still love.

For that man knows greater if his mind and heart are in the right place.

I silence my tongue at times but talk knowing I can only give a smile to a stranger and many others withholding my mind from what could be chaotic.

My anger is kindled towards family for not getting along with each other.
My sadness is with those who have loved but learn deceit. I had to re-learn.
My suffering is with those who are hospitalized or have a condition.
My slack is like those who fake or have no condition also pretending.
My intelligence is regular or low if not greater for the understanding of many
My fear is knowing limitations and or one's weakness,
My power is my greatest strength but not mine to wield alone.
My hope is of that which I cannot speak a man. Surely one would conflict.
My conflictual is the argument or problem from which one has caused.

I shall say there are many more I could say. But I cannot finish.
Just enjoy reading the profile and stay updated.
Hopefully I can if I try. I will change something if need be.
Just I need also a suggestion of others.


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Samuel Frederick Wolfe

SINGLE =LoyallyCommitted Always.Time HealsWith Love.Not Self.

RoxyStarzz a.k.a. Maggie.

- Kept in memory for teaching a guy to love again

The man realized though she is not with a deceitful heart like others hopefully she has shown truth. A quality that some may seek in their mate and they shall not find in many.

And though he survives suffering this is a friend.

But also she loved therefore she is kept alive in memory.

RoxyStarzz a.k.a. Maggie.- Kept in memory for teaching a guy to love againThe man realized though she is not with a deceitful heart like others hopefully she has shown truth and revealed the heart of a man. A quality that some may seek in their mate and they shall not find in many nor in their own deceitful heart. And though he suffered... The man continues his life.