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all the stuff thats on me

Lookie here!!!!!!!


Me in a Nutshell

Okay so iv'e reached my 5th year on Gaia?? Iv'e lost a ton of crap cuz I just cant hold onto money or items, so i'm always selling or buying something. But whatever,the new idea for me on Gaia is art and im ready to sell a ton of it and become a better artist.Maybe...

I enjoy roleplaying and fanfiction so if any of you have an idea or know a good one,i'm up for it,just contact me. Also I post in the forums quite a bit and participate in contests if I can so contact me about that too.If you need help to moderate a thread I have experience so you can ask me to help out with that too.

My goal is to get as much gold as I can so eventually I can give it all away. I've always wanted to do one of those i million gold giveaway contest things. Anyways, donations are much appreciated!!!! I love anyone who is generous to donate and I don't love returning the favor if you need help with a forum or art or anything. The big way you could help me is not donations but really just buying my stuff from the marketplace. It would really help me out! Thanks!!

overall if you need help on Gaia then you can ask me.I don't have anything else to do really. smile

Winter Rose Quest:Complete!!!!!!
Elemental Hair Quest:Complete!!!!! And sold.....*sigh*

evils_ devils-1000g and lots of game items,snow witch,evolving items,doves,and angelic mood bubble heart ^_^ I love her!
rawr a fluffmuffin-2500g^-^
Thank you to I_BloodBath for selling me a Winter Rose for less than the marketplace.^____^Also gave me a bao as a gift and more! Your so cool!
C_dick_run- Donated 10,000g,Your awesome Chris! *o*
Tinkle Time- Donated 5000g! Super nice *o*
sagedvampire- Super nice and donated 2000g or more...I kinda forgot..but she's super awesome for returning the favor!
Star of my own show-2000g and more! Awesome roleplayer too!

i like posting ^_^

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Store that sells stuff

I'm going to start some major sales these next few months so keep on a lookout for some big discounts

For the next year....

As of now im only selling small items of smaller value that I want to get rid of. I am nearly reaching 1 million gold so I want to sell all of things. Please go ahead and just look if youd like-and PM me becuase I have much more than this. If you want game items than just PM me and i'll send you as many as I can and you can offer a resonable price for it. Thanks!I dont have any MC's as of now or any really expensive items for that matter so please dont ask.


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