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Storys that i couldn't let go

mini talking, funny, with friends.



hey hey its lisa but my friends call meh sam XP
dunno y n yeah.... ok my dream avi's are down there and
there's more about meh down below my dream avis
emotion_yatta (scroll down if you want to know more bout meh)

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Total Value: 1,149,620 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Adamant High Elf Boots
Gray Tone Limbs Stockings
Trilune's Covenant
Constellation Pegasi
Talisman of Good
Flight of Fancy
White Delight
Winner's Circle
Skyfish Ribbons
Enchanting Orchestra

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Total Value: 199,675 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Star Suit Mascot*bought*
Gothic Veil
Demonic Anklets
Black Lace-up Cork Sandals*gifted*
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt*gifted*
Summoning Tome*bought*
Snow Feather
Heart of Gold*gift*
Silver BFF Heart Chain*gifted*
Angel Imp Plushie*bought*
Blue Sweetheart Teddy*gifted*
Lex's Dark Gloves*bought*
Crossed Belts*gift*
Soft Black Underwear*got*
Black Strapless Bra*got*

yuki U R amazing!!!!!!! thx for the dream avi ^ ^
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Total Value: 473,493 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Angel Imp Plushie*bought*
Silver Hoop Earrings
Frostbite Blade
Dreamer's Dust*bought*
Gift of the Goddess
Radiant Prism*bought*
Elegant Veil
Elegant Veil

created by my awesome rl friend ever!
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Total Value: 146,619 Gold
[Item Information]

FISHED!!!!! haha no i mean finished!!!!!!!

hi yu-Angelic Microphone *sis*
monac lilly-Prasiolite And Milk Quartz Headband *bestie*
monac lilly-Water Meat Set * heart *
monac lilly-Lunar Hairpin *awesome*
hi yu-Crossed Belts
monac lilly-Gaia 7th Anniversary Radio Jack Slippers *ILY miesha!*


Unrequited Luff-Brownie Ribbon Skirt *chaos camp thread*
Nizhe-Silver BFF Heart Chain *chaos camp thread*
Saku--chan-Blue Middle School Skirt *chaos camp thread*
Saku--chan-Black Lace-up Cork Sandals *chaos camp thread*
Namiko Ryuu-Blue Sweetheart Teddy *chaos camp thread*
iLuff-x3-February Birthstone Crown*chaos camp thread*
xSeraphym-G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt*chaos camp thread*
hi yu-heart of gold *thanksgiving gift*
hi yu-Black Knitted Beret *christmas gift*
monac lilly-KoNfUzEd MoNoChRoMe ToE SoX *christmas gift*
DJaidenx3-White And Ice Reversible Bracelets *christmas gift*

ok now heres some stuff bout me ^ ^
name: u kno lisa (or sam)
color: green(fav) but only wear black, blue, purple, and white
zodiac: i am year of the rat but also the boar
fav animals: mouse, lion, panda ninja
fav foods: pizza, apple, dragonfruit
hobby: art(best at), baking, guitar
...*...*...*...*...*...*...*.. . I am . ..
¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`* •.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.
Exciting, explores a ton, curious like a kid. Likes awesome maple vids xD

Loves art. Can't live without it. Also music, which is why YT's my site. Create-tive-dee never ends.
. ... .and . .. .
Strange in a way, where I call special. Never lets out fear, only in front of others. Loves making friends, but too shy to speak. Always making excuses to move my feet.
...*...*...*...*...*...*...*.. .
¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`* •.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.
┊  ┊  ┊  ┊
┊  ┊  ┊  ★
┊  ┊  ☆
┊  ★



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hi yu Report | 07/21/2015 10:11 pm
hi yu
cool avi heart
Momoka Cakes Report | 08/07/2011 3:49 pm
Momoka Cakes
Oh that`s nice~ school is almost starting again for me. ;___;
Momoka Cakes Report | 07/13/2011 10:43 pm
Momoka Cakes
Haha, okay~ & you can call me Monica.
My summer's fine so far. I've been to the beach a few times.
How's yours? Did anything new happen? ^^
Momoka Cakes Report | 07/11/2011 11:48 pm
Momoka Cakes
Sorry, I haven`t been on recently. @___@
but, no~ I`ve never been to a carnival, but I want too~ sounds fun. ^o^
Momoka Cakes Report | 06/03/2011 4:58 pm
Momoka Cakes
Hehe, yeah~ He sang a song for Kuroshitsuji and Durarara~

Oh really? Did you get a cool prize? :3
Momoka Cakes Report | 06/01/2011 10:04 pm
Momoka Cakes
I saw Yuya Matsushita in concert and got his autograph! heart
Oh, and I also got to see FLOW in concert. ^o^
& really? That sounds fun. ^^
Momoka Cakes Report | 05/31/2011 7:44 pm
Momoka Cakes
Ahh~ yeah. @__@
Anyways, I got to go to Fanime on memorial weekend! It was fun. ^o^
Momoka Cakes Report | 05/23/2011 4:05 pm
Momoka Cakes
haha, probably like blueberry muffins?
& really? me too! I think.. but there are a lot of projects I currently have to finish @___@
Momoka Cakes Report | 05/20/2011 5:16 pm
Momoka Cakes
Ohh, I like cheesecake though. ^o^
& It was just a vanilla cake.
Momoka Cakes Report | 05/19/2011 6:00 pm
Momoka Cakes
Oh, really? that sucks. what kind of cake was it? .___.




hey... byes

Miku Hatsume