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So a few things about me... Well my name is Steve. I'm 21 years old. I'm a pretty straight forward kind of guy, though I guess you've noticed that.

I've been on Gaia since 2005 and I've had a few accounts, all banned for some reason or another, my most recent one was L4D The Hunter back in 09 but no one remembers that anyway. s**t NO ONE CARES ABOUT!

I pop up on Gaia now and then when I don't have anything better to do and when I find something to do I disappear with years.

So yeah...


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Taruzen Report | 04/24/2017 9:22 am
ninja TYVM for the trade! ninja
ZVER410 Report | 05/04/2015 1:55 pm
I don't have any items cause 1 I'm not going to spend real money to get any. I'm saving the gold for them. I'm also not going to ask for any when I can just accumulate gold and charms and sell those. I've never really cared about items either to be honest. They're just items. I think most of everyone on here is digitally materialistic. lol Yeah I know what you mean by little chats. Quote someone and just see how long it goes for the fun. I've noticed too that the VGD doesn't seem like the VGD anymore. Which is kind of sad cause it just seems like the CB now. Same thing with GD. Its like the moderators or something have just stopped caring. I haven't checked out the AMC yet. I know Barton Town is still kind of the same. Except they're more stricter on the Request Threads now.
ZVER410 Report | 05/04/2015 1:23 pm
Only when someone gets mad, hurt or goes "You're still here?" lol Seriously I'm done being nice to most of the people in the CB. I've tried talking to the people on here but most of them seem low in intellect, articulate skills and attention span. Its like talking to a brick wall or just not being noticed. A lot of them are just greedy too. I know the site is about avatars and items but what happened to actually talking to people and making friends? Its that also or they think I have some sort of ulterior motive which I really don't.
ZVER410 Report | 05/04/2015 12:43 pm
I've been being a complete a*****e in the CB lately.
Spiffy old Drawings Report | 01/21/2015 10:47 am
Spiffy old Drawings
Pffft more for me then.
Magnificent Steve sounds like a superhero name ahhahaha
Now you need yellow tights and a really cheesy slogan!
Spiffy old Drawings Report | 01/20/2015 11:46 am
Spiffy old Drawings
Also I got icecream! Jealous already?
Spiffy old Drawings Report | 01/20/2015 11:33 am
Spiffy old Drawings
I had a few of them lying around and you can make better use of them than me.
I dar you to wear all of them at once. òuo
Spiffy old Drawings Report | 01/20/2015 11:13 am
Spiffy old Drawings
I remember you. I just thought you also did art for some reason.
I guess there's another magnificent guy out there. smile
Spiffy old Drawings Report | 01/20/2015 11:10 am
Spiffy old Drawings
I think I still got some Helms of the Viking somewhere...
Spiffy old Drawings Report | 01/20/2015 11:08 am
Spiffy old Drawings
What the hell.
Now I need to find out which person I'm confusing you with.
Holy hell I am way too tired for this. :'D
I'm so sorry my brain saved you in the same slot.



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