A cool breeze whispers through leaves. It washes over you, tosses your hair. The smell of water drifts by. In the distance the soft trickling of a small stream catches your attention.

You open your eyes.

It is night. The soft glow of moonlight filters through the trees speckling the forest floor with its powdery luminescence. Tightening your grip on your weapon, you take a step back, masking yourself in the shadow of the tree at your back. Before you lies a clearing, silver light flooding and bleaching an outcropping of stone. Stuck into it, a stick tied with strips of hide. Feathers hang from it and. . .a bell. . .

Curious. . .

Tempting. . .

You hold your ground. The wind returns with the scent of blood. The soft ring of the bell joins the wind. You tense. You feel it crawling up your spine, twisting your stomach.

Someone is watching you.

Your feet move silently on the forest floor. You fall into a warrior's stance, defensive and alert. The wood is quiet, the shadows dark and deep. Critically you survey the forest, searching for the unseen threat.

A sound.

You turn.

The flutter of wings fills your senses.

The silhouette of a bird flying away is dark against the white of the full moon.

You sigh, relaxing slightly.

You return your eyes to the clearing. You flinch. Your gaze meets sharp green eyes . . . watching you. Judging you. A Predator's eyes.

Immediately you fall back into stance, ready for anything. The figure just stares. Green eyes narrowing. Pointed fox ears twitching. Over her right shoulder is draped two dead rabbits, grasped carelessly in a long clawed hand. A long red tail swishes.

A tilt of the head.
A half-hearted smirk.

Something moves in the woods. You glance to your right, your senses reaching out for another threat. Nothing. You return your gaze to the clearing.

The figure is gone.

Welcome to my Domain.

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A little piece of prose for you there. Not sure why, just felt like it.

Hey all!
It's Sameera. (...obviously...)

I also go by Samee-chan or Meera-chan. Makes no diference to me. ^.^

I'm not really a big furry fan, but I just thought this avi looked so adorable as a fox! ^.^

I'm a college student with a serious gaia addiction... oh well. Cheaper than drugs right? haha jk

Art major, writer, daydreamer and archer.
Ich spreche gern Deutsch. Das macht spaß!  
ahh language...

Anyways, not sure how you ended up on my profile, but give me a shout-out if ya feel like it. ^.^



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Report | 04/14/2011 8:07 pm


lol I don't remember which area, but she has exactly what she wants in mind basically. She has many friends over there, intends to get a bike as transportation, knows what she must do to become a resident and all, she just needs to go through some schooling here then she'll be heading out, never to return ;P so she says lol which is.. wild o.o
oh no, you ran outta dough? Dxx well glad you made it back here safe.. that sounds like a mess

Report | 04/10/2011 10:10 pm


Ahh yes, there are many many pro's to Japan ^^ life there has much to offer, even all the little things, that the US just can't compete with. I have a friend wishing to move to Japan by next Summer to experience the life. She really has her heart set on it.
How long were you over there? o.o and will you be able to return?
Tell em to build a damn train system!!! XP they really should, they're convenient.

Gosh money is always tight, no matter what.. I've been saving for years for this though is the only reason I have the cash for it ^^;; ahh the joys of life.

Report | 04/10/2011 6:50 pm


Oh wow, ok crying very glad you're safe and back in the US finishing your schooling. How's that going so far? Hopefully there's not too much longer to go.
That paperwork sounds like a nightmare Dx sorry it's such a darn pain.
Such a job as that would be perfect for you!! I really hope they extend the position to you, you'd fill it so nicely ~^^~
Summer is looking absolutely fantastic!! I'm getting out of town to visit a beloved friend of mine for most of the Summer.
Have you plans for Summer?

Report | 04/10/2011 6:18 pm


That's so wild!! I haven't seen you on for such a long time, I truly thought you had forgotten emo
Will the busyness let you have a break this Summer?
I've been alright, just honestly looking forward to summer cause school gets harder to deal with everyday xP

Report | 04/10/2011 5:40 pm


You are very welcome.
I am questing, but absolutely can't help myself from buying Christmas items on the marketplace.

Report | 04/10/2011 9:39 am


Are you online missy? O_O

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Report | 09/22/2009 4:43 pm


Just wanted to say thanks for joining Art Heaven.

Report | 07/03/2009 11:19 am


Hahaha no thank YOU for the ink!!! Its about time I was able to give you something back ^ ^
Im very glad you still needed one and like it mrgreen

Report | 07/03/2009 10:50 am


You're welcome ^-^
But I have to say, my profile is nothing compared to yours n_n