Narcissism is often a common companion for the common folk of Gaia. This is a place filled to the brim with the crazed, the futile, and the damned. Hard bodies of both sexes. The cheesy egos. Those who lack pity, tolerance, or shame. A home for the cast-outs and castaways. Those with visions to pursue or sell. Those who maim their spirits skipping out on life. Those who know the lingo, but lack the moves. Those with perpetual night in their eyes. Those who just want the money. Caged bird with no voices. Amateurs at everything.

It isn't sensible to set foot in a place that is out to rob you, but there it is, that irresistible siren song of commerce and show business. Twenty four hours a day, every minute of it game time for the true predators.

Where there are predators, there are hunters, a very few to be sure. But always the best at what they do.

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