About the Bat

Hello! My name is Valentina! If that's too long, Bookie or Val or Tina work just as fine~ I have no personal preference for any of them.

I was born and raised in the middle of nowhere California and often live there or in Seattle.
Seattle is where I hopefully end up when I settle because I have a love for gloomy days and lots of rain and dogs.

Speaking of dogs!!! gaia_pawstamp I am usually a lush due to my bad health, but I'm lucky to be a dog walker! It's one of the best jobs in the world! even if I am a cat person at heart.

I am a bit of a rambler (trust me, I just shortened this section), but very open to meeting and chatting with new people. Send me rants or jokes or pictures of your dog and houseplants or all of the above ❤

Likes include:
❥ Haikyuu!!
❥ Batman (Robin especially)
❥ Animals (share pictures, please~)
❥ Plants (especially indoor houseplants and succulents)
❥ Listening to new music (so PM me!)
❥ Lighthearted drama and teasing

Dislikes (or things that make feel awkward I guess) include:
✘ Those who don't put their shopping carts away
✘ Seafood (but I'm trying to reform, I promise)
✘ Personally drinking and cussing
(I don't do it. You can though.)
✘ Dirty talk and jokes
(Again, you can do it, but I haven't a clue how to join in the conversation, lol)
✘ Failure, being inadequate, not being my best.
(no pressure, me. lol.)

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