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simply3 Report | 06/12/2014 12:37 am
Thank you for your purchase of red ink. smile
xXCandieeeXx Report | 06/03/2014 6:14 pm
Thanks for buying. c:
Hidarimaki Report | 05/31/2014 6:59 pm
Thank you for buying Red Ink!
MakaUzumaki Report | 05/30/2014 10:51 am
Thank you for your purchase ^^
renahk Report | 05/19/2014 3:54 am
Miss you cry sorry for not answering yet had đĐ@&#Đđ{@& time sweatdrop
Wilen Daniela Report | 05/06/2014 9:48 am
i had antidepressants for a while years ago, and they made me lose 7kg.
it was a mistake on my part. i never should've gotten them, 'cuz i've always felt those types of medications r the work of the devil. figure of speech. i don't know if i believe in "the devil" o.O
ah, i meant i gained that within a year's time? i dunno. i don't measure my weight so often. i just noticed i looked more plump than last that i checked myself in the mirror,
and then checked and noticed i had gained weight. but that was that. it's just throwing around few kg here and there. little fat, little slim. that kind of thing. my body having fun.

shorter? *-* want me to cut ur legs from knee down? cat_blaugh cat_razz cat_twisted
wow, creepy joke X'D i'm sorry.

ah, we're not that tall, my oldest sister is 171cm. second oldest around 168cm and third is 162cm..? i think, not sure of her.. i'm only 157cm or less x.x if i remember right -.- somewhere between 156 and 158, in any case.
we're all chicks, yes. User Image

my sister's (second oldest) having her second baby in August.

i see. *-*
oh, i don't need to pack anything. u'll buy me all i need from there, won't u? User Image
no kid's gon' touch my Mega Anka!! DX< i've taught it to breathe fire!! *o*
snow bath works so that u'll put ur head deep in the snow and i'll cover the rest of u with snow by shoveling it on u. *gigglez*
..well, not exactly cat_xd i just throw as much snow on u as possible.

haha, Mario's classic. lots of things were "dirty" in the old days. and thus still continue to be! think of Barbie o.O

nymph, or a mermaid ~v~ both r entranced by the nature, and their heart as cold as ice.. unless someone catches them and warms them.
which is hard, as they avoid people.

i didn't ski this winter .____. *sigh* and i've a flu now T.T
there's places to ski all around here in winter tbh.. people love it.
i could go to the river, on the "ice". i dunno if u know enough abt it to know that the ice gets covered with huge amounts of snow, so we can ski on it.
i live by the river, so obviously it's a short trip.

well, not the gym then. go jogging! everyone can go jogging wherever in the world. go on!

the simple fact that i don't live my life by the clock varies my sleeping hours pretty greatly~ cat_wink
Pearleace Report | 05/06/2014 8:16 am
continued from previous..
what big did u get? *~*
i wanna Luxurious Lucie... T.T
oh God, no!! DX that's not what i meant!! >.< i meant that i don't think men could handle the labor-pains..
"Junior" was quite enough of that horror u described <.< but i don't think i could handle labor-pains, either, so it's alright. *pats ur head*
i'm not exactly "nasty", i'm just a very lost case. due to that soul losing and stuff..
ooo, no driving drunk there, Billy~! >^< ( taking two wild guesses there.. knowing my excellent skills doing guesswork, i already know they're both wrong cat_xp )
no, it's not!! DX< it's a goth-style jacket, that's also.. Bunny-style <.< with bunny-ears on the hood (NOT REAL!!), and even tail on the backside. it's really pretty.
I'll share a picture when i'm not too lazy. X3
ur right, but i don't have decent curtains to cover the magnificent view from neighbors, so i try not to be nude at home too much.

good. stalking's bad. i'd have to get u involved with the police again and make sure ur arrested this time cat_twisted
i like goth-things. they umm.. help me feel stronger. i'm not all into it, but the style itself just radiates that kind of aura.
that darkness sort of conquers the shadows that harass my soul.
uhh.. (already forgot i wasn't supposed to have a soul <,< lol)
i am the cutest young woman that ever lived, and ur lucky u haven't seen a photo of me yet, 'cuz u wouldn't be able to sleep at night
for ur strong feelings of love towards me.
and nah, i know Winnie better. everyone loves her, but she can be pretty mean. especially towards her twin sister.

i haven't kept in touch with my school-friends in ages.
haha, we still talk abt that incident with german sleep-talk XD it's pretty amazing..
no, i think i'm pure finn cat_3nodding but it is possible, tho, who knows? my dad's parents ancestry has never been discovered that far,
since they were auctioned to their parents. (at least granddad was). it was a long time ago..
Pearleace Report | 05/06/2014 7:57 am
Hiii~! i'm so sorry for replying soooo late T~T
i got caught up watching the Olympics at the time and then i just needed some "me"-time x.x
i'm a kind of a hermit, it's happened everywhere (all sites i go to, i mean.. i just disappear suddenly -_-),
tho i do feel guilty T.T ..gomen~

haha, Lanzer got what was coming to 'im! XD
u can't have my soul, i made a deal with the devil long ago, while i was still young innocent sweet and naïve *-* (when was that?!)
i didn't know who he was, and he promised ice-cream in exchange for something called "lifeforce"?
he said it's mine to give to whom i want, and i'd have to do nothing but promise it's his, and the ice-cream would be mine! *o*
he'd do the rest. boy was it a shock! the ice-cream i got tasted like ashes in my mouth! x.x
definitely not worth bargaining with strangers, i thought at the time. what a hoax!
only i started realizing it was something bigger, when ice-cream never tasted the same again ;^;

besides money, it takes courage to change ur life entirely to start anew somewhere else.
but sometimes it's worth it! i spoke to this girl on DA, and she said she moved from Germany to England,
and it was scary at first, but it turned out to be the best decision she ever made.
her life was crumbling to pieces, but then she found a new, wonderful place and had a boyfriend,
and everything just picked up bright and lovely >v<
i hope for all the best for u, whatever u decide to do! X)
..oh i think the question is can you afford me? i love luxury, and my slave will have to get me everything i want..
since i don't have a paying job, u'd ofcourse pay it all urself *o*
and yeah, i don't really know much abt the economy and policies of countries x.x alas.
i think the world would be better if there were no governments and leaders and border-rules, etc.
all these wars abt who owns what place, when the world owns itself, and could, in all honesty, blow us all up at any second with it's beautiful volcanoes.
little respect towards the place that provides our only means of surviving would be in order, me thinks.
to be continued....
barrl Report | 04/26/2014 3:38 pm
thank you for the purchase!
User Image
Jinguji Ren Report | 04/23/2014 11:41 am

Also, I own SDSuper+ T&B06 Blue Rose if you want that one?


My hat is wearing a hat!!! eek

Might try for another backwing! Please help by buying from my STORE??? emotion_kirakira


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