2017 :

Wow, what am I still doing on here for?

Recent grad. #trump2017

Messed up s**t.


article .verb { action: Messed Up; }

s**t .noun { s**t: Messed Up; }

Jobs. Success. Duh. Design Research. Lol. #Gradschoolherewecome


It's over Gaia, you know.





- I Love My Job. I Love My Life.

Salliewalker >> Still Alive

Hiatus again sometime when s**t comes back together. Fhor Guud.


2013 : Wow, it is so encouraging to come back after a three year hiatus and see everyone still encouraging me to make profiles. Unfortunately, I am now in college, and a lot of that time is spent on projects and whatnot. Summer is rapidly approaching however. I may have time to do some custom profiles, but it'll be few and it's first come first serve basis. I will put up a notice that will say for sure if I am taking commissions by the beginning of July after summer session 1 ends for me. I know it's a long time but I have my own profile projects I have never finished that I want to get done the 2 1/2 weeks before summer sessions. July is free for me though. FOR THOSE OF YOU WANTING TO USE MY PROFILES: all my work available on tektek is free to use. Please do not ask me, unless you are changing the code or image. If you are, pm me to discuss crediting/how much you intend on changing the work. LASTLY: If, and only IF I feel ambitious enough what with the practice I need to do for Beginning Figure Drawing and prepping for the Placement exam in Chinese, I will make my better work including sinful seduction, Spring Beauty, and Blue Skies and more available on a personal site of mine. It does not mean the site will be continually updated, but it will be available. I do not want to put those on tektek, where people cop and steal all the time. Hope this answers a lot of the questions you might have, and I know, life catches up to us. Sorry about the hiatus.


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I know it's really weird to comment on your own profile but this is just if no one sees my notice on my profile... my about me has really tiny text. Please see the notice on my profile about commissions, using my profiles, and anything else. No, I am not off of hiatus. But I might be back occasionally just for the heck of it, finish that forever-incomplete profile of mine. It's pretty epic. Might do commissions in July. Come back around then if you want to know for sure.
x x - - - - Jazzilla

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x x - - - - Jazzilla

Not sure if you still log in here but I'm having an issue with one of you're profiles. It's not loading the media for some reason.
II Panda-Prep II

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II Panda-Prep II

Whoa.... Did you make this profile yourself? Can you make me one? I would be willing to pay.
ugly en fat

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ugly en fat

          hello c:

Graceful Felicity

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Graceful Felicity

hi ? i really like your self made layouts . can you make me one ? pm me for the details ..
Velvet Allure

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Velvet Allure

Dear Sallie,

Hello! I'm sorry to message you out of the blue but I was wondering if you had some of your profiles on tektek.org or something that I could use? I saw a beautiful crimson rose layout of yours that I would LOVE to use, and of course give you full credit on. Do you mind sharing with me or telling me your tektek.org username so I can look you up there? If you have one I mean. Again sorry for the random comment but your layouts are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.


Crimson Butterfly Lotus.

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Omg Hi i love your profiles how do u make them ???

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Umm how do you make a profile!? I saw one of your on TekTek! If you could tell me that would be great!! THANKS!! mrgreen

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Your layout on Tektek are awesome.
They totally rock, especially the 'Crimson Red Layers',
which I'm using til now.


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