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Gatsu no megami, Diosa de la Luna, Blue Flower of the Moon, Frost, Snow, Luna, Moonstone, Lady Byakko, Lady of Halves

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☯ B a s i c I n f o r m a t i o n ☯

NameSakura Tansei Nahiel Lunaris
Apparent Age and True AgeLooks 27 years old/Is 713 years old
Relationship StatusSingle

☯ M o r e I n f o r m a t i o n ☯

Height/Weight5ft 2/160cm and 176lbs/60kg
Body BuildSlender and Curvacious
Eye ColorTeal [Varies with current form]
Hair ColorAzure [Varies with current form]
♥ Gemstones
♥ Sweets
♥ Traditional Japanese Style Clothing
♥ Alcohol
♥ Blood
♥ Music
♥ Cats
♥ Honor
♥Various other things..
✖ Creepy Crawlies, Especially Spiders
✖ Zombies
✖ Coercion/Blackmail
✖ Harm to those she holds dear
✖ Oath Breakers
✖ Jerks
✖ Gold
✖Various other things...
PersonalityTansei is a very mysterious woman. She tends to appear in strange places or times without drawing much attention to herself, sometimes the only trace of her being in a place is a small scattering of crystals, feathers or cherry blossom petals that remain where she was standing. Due to her strange appearances she has gained many a rumor as to who and what she is, when asked she often just gives a kind and mysterious smile before she turns and walks away. Just as there are many rumors about her there are also many different opinions as to her demeanor. Some people report their encounter with her as quite pleasant, others say she is harsh and cruel. The only facts known are she is known to often do strange things on a whim for little or no reason, be that reason something she simply wishes to do or something she does without thought as to why. In truth, she is a shy woman that is often withdrawn and keeps to herself as she isn't quite sure about who to trust and as such she often guards herself with cold or cruel remarks to keep others at a distance for fear she would get cause anyone that got too close to her great harm or having her secrets revealed.
BioTansei is one of the fabled Tsukyomi or Moon God's...her tribe are raised and taught in many magical and mystical arts. Her tribe in particular holds many a strange and almost magical ability and skill. She comes from a long line of priestesses that guided and protected various clans in the past. She has trained in the traditions of her family. The members of her family and clan are given a crescent shaped mark on their body, it's place is an indication of their status or hierarchy within the clan. Tansei has hers on the middle of her forehead, indicating she comes from an offshoot of the head family. Each villager is trained in the secret teachings of the clan and the use of special cards that when used, have various effects depending on what is written on them using a special script.
TraitsFast, Agile, Flexible, Stealthy, Able to pick locks, Magically inclined
FlawsSmall size, Easy to recognize, Often get's into mischief from curiosity
Special AbilitiesCrystal Manipulation: Allows for the creation or destruction of crystals.
Water Manipulation: Allows her to manipulate the water in the air and other various sources and shape with her will for use (When combined with wind manipulation she is able to freeze water into ice using cold air)
Wind Manipulation: Allows for her to manipulate and conjure wind to enable a form of flight, suck the air from an npc's lungs to suffocate them or restore air to someone that is in need of oxygen (When combined with water manipulation she is is able to produce ice from causing a chill wind and lower the temperature)
Petal Dance: A dance like set of movements that creates petals from crystals. The petals are as thin as rice paper and sharp as the keenest of blades. This ability is used combining the elemental properties of the individual to add an elemental affinity. When used, the petals cut the opponent severely with the touch of their edge. ((Note: This is a kind of ultimate attack for her so it's almost never used. Usage of this ability will knock her unconscious due to the strain on her body.))
Frozen Fog: Creates a fog that can chill enemies to the bone in a particular area. The user is unaffected and can allow for an easier chance of escape and avoidance of battle as it numbs an opponent that is unprepared for it's chill.
Kartia: The ability to use magical cards for various things from simple spells to summoning. ((Note: Using this ability she is able to create cards for others to use, this skill however does have it's limits and is not as powerful as her own magical abilities and the effects only last for a limited amount of time. The creation of several cards for use can take a harsh toll on her body, her current limit is 5 cards at a time being created.))
Luna Tears: The ability to use magical gemstones for various things from simple spells to summoning. ((Note: Using this ability she is able to create orbs for others to use, this skill however does have it's limits and is not as powerful as her own magical abilities and the effects only last for a limited amount of time. The creation of several orbs for use can take a harsh toll on her body, her current limit is 5 orbs at a time being created.))
Arcane Knowledge: Holds a vast amount of arcane knowledge, allowing her to be extremely adept with magic of all kinds.
Sacred Seal: Locks and seals her abilities, acting as a kind of dampener, weakening her abilities and skills. ((Note: Basically this is the marking that has been placed upon her back so she doesn't kill herself through the use of her abilities.))
Alter Mode: An ability which will allow her to alter her appearance slightly to augment a selection of her abilities into two groups, allowing her to augment and boost the effectiveness of her abilities varying upon the form she takes. ((Note: This is a limited and restrictive form of shape shifting))
Snaking Ribbons: She is able to use ribbons or strips of cloth as a weapon by controlling their movements to restrict her opponents, tie them up or any other use she had think of.
Healing Light: Has the ability to harness the benevolent powers of light and healing. She uses it to aid those in need be it from minor cuts, deadly poisons or even bringing back people from the edge of death itself. ((Note: However the more severe the injury she has to heal, the greater the toll it takes on her and the longer it will take for her to recover her strength before using it again.))
Valkyrie: Summons a pair of angelic wings made of rainbow hued light to enable flight.
Holy Guardians Call: Allows her to summon mythical creatures to aid her in battle. Due to their unique natures, she prefers to avoid conflict and their use. The creatures she can summon could be considered as her pets.
Weakness Sunlight makes her quite drowsy and if she's out in the sun too long she is likely to faint, she also has a weakness to fire and if things are too hot then she becomes weakened as well as suffering heatstroke easily if she's not careful. She has been known to suffer from blood lust at times so when she comes into contact with the scent or sight of it she will likely leave the area to stop her hunger or she may try to drink the blood of others around her and cause them harm. She has a racial weakness that consists of Gold Illness, causing burning upon contact with the precious metal or illness if she is subjected to exposure to large or copious amounts for extended periods of time, this is akin to the Vampire and Werewolf aversion to Silver and the Fae's aversion towards Iron. Other than these, she has the typical human weaknesses.

☯ O t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n ☯

FearsCreepy Crawlies, Spiders and Zombies
ExtraSakura has platinum and moonstone markings on her back that were painfully and painstakingly sewn into her, placing the sacred seal on her for protection. It has strange and unknown properties as of yet but may be revealed through RP. Her skin holds the slight trace of mother of pearl shine when she is under direct moonlight. Her exotic appearance and how she appears to float slightly aloft in the air instead of walking can cause others to become curious about her along with the air of tranquility she has about her but her appearance is apt to change when it comes to battle, choosing differing forms to help boost her abilities and skills, she moves with a kind of otherworldly grace and style as well as that of such silence that at times she sneaks up on people and startles them with an almost sudden appearance as though from nowhere such is the extent. She is quite adept at the arts of thievery and is extremely fast and agile as well as being able to drink a large amount of alcoholic fluids before intoxication takes hold. Although she is able to be killed, her body dissipates enabling her to be reborn, however particular conditions must be met in order for her to retain her memories and abilities, these are one of many secrets she refuses to tell all but the most trusted of those she knows.
Motto(s)❝Everyone has a song in their heart...❞
❝Sometimes...pain is the only thing that let's us know we're alive❞
❝For me...the arcane arts are as easy as breathing❞
❝Everything belongs to just don't realize it yet❞
❝Some say the moon has many faces...well so do I❞
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