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Dream Avi


All About Me


To start: I used to be on Gaia a few years ago but decided to quit after some issues but I am back now (well maybe not entirely sure yet) so feel free to send me a pm or a comment anytime to chat :3

Before I begin I would like to make a note to point this out: I have gotten requests in the past about roleplaying/rping and I'm sorry to say but I am NOT a roleplayer/rper. sweatdrop I appreciate the interest but I'm not good with any of that... sweatdrop

Some basic facts about me (for those curious as to who I really am)
My name is Sakura.
I am from the U.S.A..
I am 26 years old.
My Birthday is on May 20.
I love the colors purple and pink the most but I like all colors also.
My zodiac sign is a Taurus.
My Chinese zodiac sign is a dog.
My favorite food is pizza.
I am a shy but friendly girl with a big heart (very kindhearted) and honest (most of the time) and trustworthy (although some people may disagree with that xP)
I like to read (mostly manga and vampire books)
I absolutely LOVE anime! I am a major anime fan biggrin (However I only watch English Dubbed anime-just letting everyone know)
I absolutely love and I am fascinated with the Japanese culture and language. smile
I know how to speak some basic Japanese and I really want to take Martial Arts classes and learn all about it biggrin
I don't like sports.
I absolutely love cats <3 However I am not a dog person...
I have an interest in hypnosis however I cannot go under.... redface
My hobbies include listening to music, reading, talking with friends on the phone or internet, singing (though I'm really bad) watching t.v. and just various things like that. I really don't do much or participate in many things. (Mostly cause it either doesn't interest me or I'm too lazy xP)
I am bi-sexual just to inform everyone.
I love video games-Girl gamer right here ;D
I mostly listen to anime openings and endings and video game music but I do like pop and hip-hop and rap (some) and country (some) and just things like that. A lot of artists I listen to may be mixtures of other things I just don't honestly know what they are most of the time lol.

That's all I can think of right now but if you wish to know more about me feel free to ask me in a pm or comment on my profile. ^-^

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day heart
Hope you like my profile! ^^ heart

My Fav. Quote:
"I take leave of my life.
My footsteps carry me
like clouds upon wind,
drifting in the pale light
of the dawning day....
I go in search of adventure." --- Artist: Unknown


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OnyxNeo Report | 08/07/2020 11:08 am
your avi is adorable *:・゚✧
Blake Byron Report | 08/01/2020 3:47 pm
Blake Byron
i just thought i'd share =w=
Blake Byron Report | 07/31/2020 11:19 pm
Blake Byron
the lyrics was a positive message?
Blake Byron Report | 07/28/2020 11:17 pm
Blake Byron
Hypno Hive Queen Report | 06/22/2020 2:18 am
Hypno Hive Queen
I've mainly been hanging out and RPing on f-list these days. Gaia is too quiet for many RPs anymore.
Hypno Hive Queen Report | 06/22/2020 12:47 am
Hypno Hive Queen
I'm ok. Not really on gaia much these days though. How're you?
Hypno Hive Queen Report | 06/21/2020 12:27 pm
Hypno Hive Queen
Hello dear
Leolnaan Report | 06/04/2020 4:42 pm
Ohh are you back on Gaia too? :3 It's been a long time! I poked on to see if anyone was still around...
beautifuljasmineflower Report | 06/04/2020 11:10 am
Hey there!

I’m really looking for someone to vent to. Would you mind PMing me? Would appreciate it!
XxSivanxX Report | 12/15/2019 4:11 am
Taurus gang 😁

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Thanks for checking out my profile and I hope you like it! heart

Have a wonderful day and may happiness always be with you! biggrin heart

---Sakura~Cherry Blossoms heart biggrin 4laugh
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