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Birthday: 08/21

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Hello!^^ Welcome to my page!^^ My name is Jobelle Nicolas Reyes. I was brought to this amazing world on August 21,1994. My horoscope is a Leo. I'm 14 years old. Me a 9th grader walking the halls of "Southern High." I like Anime. People call me weird, but I do a lot of things to have fun. And that's the best thing about me. Food is my major temptation. I love being friends with everyone/anyone. Pretty much my life revolves around family, friends, music, and building my future to be successful one day. But all in all, I'm not a very complicated person. Cause I am who I am. I'm proud to be a pure blooded Filipino. I'm simple yet;I like to go beyond ordinary. A typical teen with a unique personality. I have a mind full of curiosity. I may not please everyone, but I'm friendly and I don't tend to make enemies. I'm down to Earth. Words touch me more than material things. And my favorite colors are blue, green, and purple. I sometimes make mistakes but that's just a part of life. I'm sometimes shy. I'm mostly harsh with telling the truth, but that's just who I am. Love listening to Love Songs. Poetry is in my heart. I get irritated when someone bothers me too much. I'm in a situation where I don't even know who my real friends are anymore. I love to go shopping for clothes and shoes. I am a straight "A" student. Trying my best in school. My goal in life is to finish college and get a good job. Even though the world has its complications in every little thing,I still want to live my life the way I want.No matter what,I will always be trying to figure out a way to make everything work out. Many changes will occur in my life for the rest of the way,but it doesn't matter.I'm still learning why I was meant to be here.As of right now,I'm working on creating myself, the person I feel I should become.I just want to be me and no one else. I'm not selfish. I care about other people too. I'm basically sure that everything happens for a reason even if we're not sure why it happened. Nothing can stop me from doing things I would want to. When you need a person to talk to,I can be that person.I'd like to listen to what you have to say even if none of it involved me.Well,I don't feel like going on about whatever,so just figure me out yourself. I won't really care what you say about me. You should really get to know the person before you judge, I WILL prove you wrong. I'm quiet at first, But when you get to know me more, it's different. I Love jokes and hugs ^^


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