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The Princess of Clow Country. Sakura is a cheerful, selfless, and strong-hearted young woman. She states if there was ever something that she could do, she would try her absolute best. Her feathers are the manifestation of her soul, namely her heart and memories. She possesses a mysterious power, manifest in the magical powers of her wings, which is sought by Fei Wong Reed. In chapter 178, a shocking revelation is made, she is not the true Sakura, but another clone created by Fei Wong Reed. A crossover character from Cardcaptor Sakura.

"Sakura"-hime: The daughter of King Fujitaka and Priestess/Queen Nadeshiko of Clow Country. First introduced in Chapter 189 in one of "Syaoran's" flashbacks, she is the true Princess of Clow Country.

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