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Hi there!! Welcome to my profile!

My name is Lena if you want to know.

Okay fine, being new is no longer an excuse so whatever. I'm just too lazy to write too much stuff here. So if you want to know about me just ask! However, only friend me if we've talked before or I will ignore you. This is a new rule because I have gotten friend requests from a lot of creepers recently and I wish to avoid that.


So basically I stay on gaia for friends and zOMG. Play with me sometime? biggrin
I've also recently started questing so visit my quest thread? Link in my signature.

That's it for now!!

and remember:
Come and visit!



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Infinite Seraph Report | 10/23/2014 6:38 pm
Infinite Seraph
guesssuuu im someone you know from school~~
Infinite Seraph Report | 10/22/2014 5:13 pm
Infinite Seraph
guess who i am emotion_kirakira
I Unknown Effect I Report | 04/27/2014 6:50 pm
I Unknown Effect I
I know but now its barely anything ;~;
Well thats good right?
Metternich Report | 04/25/2014 1:00 pm
I'm sure many people have stopped using the market place. The numbers say the revenue is huge, but at this point, it's just a few people buying stupid expensive things.
I stopped using the marketplace. It's about time I might stop using Gaia. But that day is not today.
After all, I have made a few friends here. It would be a shame to abandon them.
I Unknown Effect I Report | 04/21/2014 3:07 pm
I Unknown Effect I
Been off for a longgg time ;~; seriously everythings value spiked like crazy now and well im pretty good and yourself? C:
Metternich Report | 04/20/2014 12:41 pm
Gaia gold and irl money are slightly different. The inflation is ridiculous, but since we don't have to "carry" the money, I don't think Gaia's economy will crash. The reason why is because in Germany, the money was so worthless, you needed barrows full of money to buy a piece of bread. But with Gaia, you can buy mythril coins in Barton Boutique to "compact" your gold and use that to trade. Right now, the gold cap is 9x10^18. As long as people use irl money to buy Gaia gold and feeding the economy money, the system will keep eating. The only way it will crash is if gold generators stop making gold. Ugh.
Metternich Report | 04/20/2014 12:19 pm
The CEO was replaced by a money grubbing cash mongerer.
He released Flynn's Booty saying it was only for one day. What he really meant was that Flynn's Booty would be available one day a week. Then the game gold generators, and the random item/gold generators.
The marketplace is hell. Something that was worth 12k 1 year ago is now going for 1 mill.
I Unknown Effect I Report | 04/14/2014 10:59 pm
I Unknown Effect I
OH MAH GAWD OH LORDY JESUS YOURE BACK YAY heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Metternich Report | 04/14/2014 5:46 pm
I saw your status XD
Yep, the market place is now a place a despair and disrepair.
Welcome back to Gaia though xp
Prinsu Chan Report | 07/09/2013 5:59 pm
Prinsu Chan
Hullo. I don't know if you remember me or not, but we briefly played zomg together a week or two ago. c:


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