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Name: Changes
Race: Vampire, Neko Girl or Human
Age: 17

There's a lot to say about me. Half the time I live in a fantasy world. I generaly call going there 'blitzing' 'spacing' or 'zoning out'. Basicaly, I start thinking about things that really have nothing to do with what's going on. I'll imagine something happening, what I'd say and what I'd do. It can be a realistic 'vision', about school or something. Or it can be something totaly different. I'd be some character in a book or movie. Not one that's actualy in the book, but a brand new character. It's usualy better than living in the real world. Unless I'm depressed. Then things get nasty.

The rest of the time, I'm still pretty wierd. I like a large variety of pretty much everything. I like some of every kind of music, except Death Metal. Can't stand it. I listen most to Country, Soft Rock, Punk, and normal Rock. Some of my favorite artists are Martina McBride, Savage Garden, Metalica, Panic! at the Disco, Nightwish and My Chemical Romance. I spend a lot of my free time either looking at AMVs on youtube, playing Runescape, writing/reading fanfiction, reading, playing video games or being here. I like pretty much all food, except most Fast Food. I will not eat McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, etc. I also have a huge number of hobbies... I can crotche, knit, french knit, finger knit, embroider, sew (somewhat), pretty much anything with string or yarn. I also do origami and other craft-type things.

I have a killer matabolism (which I hate) I can spend all day eating and not even gain half a pound. It sounds great to most people, but it really sucks. I'm always hungry, except for about 30 minutes after a big meal. I have to work really hard to not have ribs poping out everywhere. I eat so much, most of my friends say they can't see how I manage to eat more than them. Grr.

I play D&D whenever I have the time and get a chance. One of the best games in the world. I also like Talisman, which is sort of like D&D turned into a board game. I like to roleplay in general, actualy. Part of that fantasy world I mentioned earlier.

I love Anime and Manga. One of my favorites is Hellsing, which is a very violent story about vampires, which I also love. I like cats, werecats, felines in general and books about cats. I have two, Jinx and Midnight. My fuzzy sweaties.

Midnight is a boy, kinda fat, but he's a killer when he wants to be. He lined up three mice on the front porch once, trying to tell us he was worth feeding (we had forgoten to refill his food bowl for a couple of hours. Oh no! He must have been starving to death!) We got Jinx later. She's the lap cat, and she makes the most wonderful little noise... she trills. It's like a mix between a pur and a meow. Prrowr? It's adorable! She's horrible to Midnight though. She swats at him whenever he's got his back turned.

I'm in highschool. I'm 15 , and I plan to have a career working with animals. Like a vet, or field conservationist (i.e. I get to work with wild animals).

I have a little brother, who does not have a Gaia and probably won't for a long time. He's pretty nice though.

I got onto Gaia because my friends were on and I'm allowed to play at school. I really like it, and play a lot.

Well, that's all I can think of, about myself at least.

Hey, does anyone else have this problem: I have to be thinking about something to go to sleep. I can't just not think. Very annoying.

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Moment of Insight

Curiousity killed the cat.
So I'm dead meat.

Well, this is junk. My poetry, thank you's, thoughts, randomness (especialy that); y'know that kind of thing. Nothing special.



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res novae

Romy! I miss you girl! How've you been?!

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Thats one nasty video ya got!

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hey saku-chan! i'm still working on the Vampire's Web. Just so you know!

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Hey : D

Dropped by to say hi and what's up?

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hey, saku-chan! you need to get on more! ^_^. did you get my message for the review for Vampire's Web?

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how did i know that you would have a jack spicer multimedia

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hiya! what's up?
res novae

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