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Birthday: 04/01

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lєt'ร ๒є Ŧгเєภ๔ร!

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ι'ℓℓ єχρℓαιи муѕєℓf...

First of all, I want you to know about me...

ι ℓσνє αηιмє!!!


ι ℓσνє ¢ℓαмρ!!!

And third...

ι ℓσνє тѕυвαѕα ¢няσηι¢ℓє!

Anime has always been my passion.

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Okay, now I'll introduce myself properly...

The name's Sakura. I hail from the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines.
I go to school, I have friends, my siblings give me headaches, I do homework, and I hate Math.

I am friendly both in the real and cyber world, but don't you dare mess up with my friends' unless you want to get sent to hell. (And I'm not joking!)

Seems like your normal girl huh?
Well don't think of me as one!

The biggest defect (according to my dear real mother) that I know about me is that I love anime. And by love I mean I wed myself to anime. Well, I'm wed to Syaoran legally, but...

Second. I love anything made by CLAMP. They are, like, the most brilliant mangaka to me. (Now don't sue me if you don't agree with me. I wrote there to me so don't pm me for flames.)

Third. I love Tsubasa: RESERVoir Chronicle(by CLAMP!). Don't ask me why, it's just destiny that I saw it on TV one day. In the real world I met someone who said he hated Sakura and Syaoran. Don't ask how he is; I never saw him again after I beat the crap out of him.

I also love other Anime and Manga even if they're not by CLAMP. Usually I prefer fantasy and shounen manga but some Anime like Ouran High School Host Club, School Rumble, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama! managed to make me love them.

And now about the genre of Anime called Yaoi. Personally I don't care if I see two male together, let alone in love with each other. I admit that I've seen a yaoi manga and an episode, but somehow unlike the others I didn't get hooked to it. I enjoy reading fanfics more than watching them. Oh, and another, the only pairs of yaoi that I loved are those canon ones, meaning they are only implied and not explicitly shown. To be clear the only pairs that I liked are mostly made by CLAMP. Here they are (Note All of the pictures here are all drawn by CLAMP. PM me if you want to discuss or ask something about the said pairs... 4laugh ):
User Image

Code Geass' Suzaku and Lelouch(canon)

User Image

CardCaptor Sakura's Touya and Yukito(canon[really?])

User Image

Magic Knight Rayearth's Lantis and Eagle(canon[really again?])

User Image

X/1999's Fuuma and Kamui(officially by CLAMP![shounen-ai though])

User Image

Tokyo Babylon's Seishirou and Subaru(officially by CLAMP again![shounen-ai though])

So basically these are some of the Anime/Manga that I love(Actually there's more but these are my personal favorites):

Tsubasa: RESERVoir Chronicle
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Gundam SEED/Destiny
CardCaptor Sakura
Ruruoni Kenshin
Saiunkoku Monogatari

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What I'm wearing...

My Journal

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Confessions of a Teenage Anime/Manga Addict

Whatever runs in mind, but mainly it'll contain anime/manga reviews for some that I saw or am interested in or just plain whining about anime/manga that coaxed a reaction out of me. Just look around, you won't regret it.


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Kamui DeLancre Report | 04/01/2016 1:59 pm
Kamui DeLancre
Happy Birthday
Accio Alice Report | 08/07/2013 3:05 pm
Accio Alice
Hey Sakura! It's been such a while, and I'm rather apologetic that I haven't had the time to talk to you.

How are you? Goodness, I've missed the times I role played with you. I hope I get to do it with you some time again!
sjch94 Report | 04/25/2013 7:26 pm
Hi Sakura-chan! biggrin Long time, no see! How is everything?
ryruko Report | 03/16/2013 4:45 pm
Hahaha! That's great! And thank you! I finally finished all of it today! heart wasn't TOO messy! At least not messier than it is normally! xd
What are you up to these dyas? I haven't checked you DA account in so long that I don't know if you have posted anything new! gonk I must go see! blaugh
ryruko Report | 03/14/2013 10:10 am
HEY! blaugh

Oh yeah, exams are a pain but I am glad to hear you are well! I am doing pretty good! I have down time until may!
I have been doing my spring cleaning though sweatdrop
Oh! I need to check out your deviantart account and see if you have uploaded anything recently!
I still haven't uploaded anything yet xp
ryruko Report | 03/08/2013 9:44 pm
Hey there! You said you were checking gaia! I had to be the first to comment on your profile! How are you? blaugh
Japan Flower Report | 10/26/2011 8:04 am
Japan Flower
hey want to rp?
sjch94 Report | 08/20/2011 10:52 pm
I don't mind at all! User Image I'm happy if Sakura wishes me happy birthday!
Thank you very much!
Oooh, you're going to draw me? Can't wait to see it!! biggrin
LK-shii Report | 08/01/2011 7:06 pm
[siz=10]Ahah, yes thank you <3
Without grudge or regret huh?
I haven't heard that version.
"In that brightly shining era in which you are smiling in even now,
Without hating anyone or regretting death...
let's meet there for sure."
Hayato Kagami Report | 07/30/2011 9:57 am
Hayato Kagami
Oh I see.. and thank you! your's pretty nice too! (:


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