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Birthday: 08/07/1992

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am sakura,a normal high school girl from india.i lov making new be honest, i am a pretty simple,but that does not stops me from being a headache for my friends.

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Akira kijoyu Report | 08/17/2009 9:53 am
Akira kijoyu
Hiiii there happpppppppppyyyy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akira kijoyu Report | 08/09/2009 9:16 am
Akira kijoyu
it wasn't ur b'day on that day ??? sad
ah anyways its on 17th of this month rite?? i'll wish u again lol
and i looked for it..but i don't think u can change it now..
why don't u ask it in the profile discussion forum maybe some body over there can help u..well thts only my suggestion lol

Akira kijoyu Report | 08/07/2009 9:28 am
Akira kijoyu
Many Many happy returns of the day......Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kanata Saionji Report | 08/01/2009 6:21 pm
Kanata Saionji
Akira kijoyu Report | 07/22/2009 9:26 am
Akira kijoyu
now i understood wat u meant to say!
so,wat r ur plans after u complete 12th???
Kanata Saionji Report | 07/21/2009 6:02 pm
Kanata Saionji
I've heard of that but i don't think i've read it yet...
Kanata Saionji Report | 07/20/2009 7:07 pm
Kanata Saionji
It is an ok story I guess... Sheldon is an amazing writer though... so even a lame story is fantastic when he writes it... Anyway, I finished it yesterday... if ur looking for a good book go for WHEN TOMORROW COMES by Sidney Sheldon. It's amazing... his greatest work ever...
Akira kijoyu Report | 07/19/2009 6:34 am
Akira kijoyu
do u mean in order to do some numerical problems in physics & chemistry we should be thorough with some of the maths chapter, some thing like tht???? its really confusing no i'm not actually getting ur point emo
nice!!! tht 12th isn't so hard doubt 11th is such an headache have to study so much n time is so limited..but very happy to learn new new things its interesting as u said.
So, its going well i guess ...

Kanata Saionji Report | 07/18/2009 6:59 pm
Kanata Saionji
Hey... How did u do ur exams...?
Well, my results are out and I passed with 77% in CPT.... Now, i have loads to do like get application forms and all that for my next course....
Anyway, I actually took up a novel recently, "RAGE OF ANGELS" by Sidney Sheldon... it was pretty awesome...
Kanata Saionji Report | 07/12/2009 5:50 pm
Kanata Saionji
that sounds promising.... I'm wasting my time doing nothing... it would be better if i actually did something useful you know... what do u think I should be doing...?