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Olafmikli Report | 06/02/2015 1:06 am
Ziro Officer Report | 08/19/2013 5:42 pm

Yes, it's the new species that was discovered. One would think they would have discovered all the land mammals by now, but apparently, there are still unseen critters out there. I only believed that the deepest seas are where all the undiscovered animals were. At least, non-extinct animals, anyway. While I am a bit surprised about this discovery, I would not be surprised if a new dinosaur fossil was found.

Now, then..... how's that party animal of yours doing? cool
Ziro Officer Report | 08/19/2013 12:26 pm
Do you like olinguitos?
Ziro Officer Report | 08/02/2013 5:54 pm
I hope you have doing well.
Ziro Officer Report | 07/31/2013 8:00 pm
Hello there, Miss I-Love-Pokemon. xd
EeveeChan Report | 06/06/2013 11:09 pm
Thanks! =D
Ai no Kiseki Report | 06/05/2013 8:20 am
Awe thank you~ yum_puddi
SlyrJuan Report | 05/02/2013 9:54 pm
*gnaws on head* hillo!
Ziro Officer Report | 11/12/2012 5:29 pm
He partied with the Mermaids and wore them all out in one night on the dance floor. Forced you to put them away to rest.
The little playah. The guy's a machine.

What'chu be feedin' him, anyway?
Ziro Officer Report | 11/12/2012 5:27 pm

Ah, ok.
At least the Turtle is still partying. That guy is just a regular party animal. cool

- Ziro out.


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