There is a story passed down from generations of a young couple; a man and woman who were lovers.

The young girl was attacked by a man-eating tiger and was seriously injured. No matter what her lover tried to do for her, it was hopeless and she died. From the depths of his sorrow, he determined to take revenge on this tiger for killing his beloved.

So he took his bow and arrow and went into the jungle day after day searching for the tiger. He searched daily, until... Finally, he saw a sleeping tiger in the distance. He thought this was the tiger which had killed his girlfriend. He drew his bow, took careful aim, and released the arrow, which pierced the tiger's body very deeply. He approached to confirm the kill, only to find his arrow stuck into a striped stone which happened to resemble the form of a sleeping tiger.

After this event, everybody began talking about how he was so strong he could pierce a stone with an arrow. People were determined to test him. But he tried again and again and the arrows just bounced off. This was because he now realized it was a stone. Before, his wish for revenge was so strong that he was able to pierce even a stone with his arrow.

This story is the basis of the saying "A strong will can pierce a stone."


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