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Fen-Harrell Report | 01/05/2017 11:02 am
heyyo im new and i have no idea if you are active or not XD but uhm you showed up on my suggested friends list so i thought i would go ahead and say hi! im also going to send a request uh you can ignore it if ya want but i dont really know anyone on here and thought that based on your profile you would be a great friend and an awesome person to talk to! 3nodding
xXxXMelloXxXx Report | 11/05/2015 11:06 am
thnx heart
Kiyoko Aoki Report | 10/10/2015 6:15 pm
Kiyoko Aoki
thanks :3
Thousand_Sprclz Report | 10/07/2015 2:49 pm
HAIII i changed my avi clothing xp xp xp xp
l Gumi l Report | 08/08/2015 7:28 pm
l Gumi l
Domo~ yum_puddi

Kawaii Zuka Report | 07/03/2015 3:56 pm
Kawaii Zuka
Thanks biggrin
Submissive Heart Report | 06/26/2015 1:13 am
Submissive Heart
Waiiiiit give me examples and price ranges
Submissive Heart Report | 06/24/2015 7:26 pm
Submissive Heart
That sounds great man but I'm short on money. D:
I might just hit you up later about that. Thanks man!
Kara-Oni Report | 06/24/2015 3:02 pm
Awwww thank you Choco~ 4laugh
Submissive Heart Report | 06/23/2015 7:48 pm
Submissive Heart
Ehh not really. I'm actually looking for a new one (or I'll probably ask my friend to make one) but thank you!~ cat_3nodding



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I've got the look to take home to meet the folks
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