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Redneck angel007 Report | 12/19/2009 9:13 am
Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!
II Serena Tsukino II Report | 12/17/2009 8:42 pm
happy birthday
The Trail We Blaze Report | 03/16/2009 9:18 pm
random comment
EvilMoonlightKnightPurple Report | 03/13/2009 3:30 pm
A day to see my little sister happy. she is in destress because of her friend Lucy.. I'm sure you texted her..... THANK YOU FOR THE TEK TEK it ROCKS!
Lilith Marie Raventhorne Report | 03/12/2009 11:48 am
Nope, I'm good! mad
Lilith Marie Raventhorne Report | 03/12/2009 9:20 am
It was cute, I looked like Sailor Venus! 4laugh
Lilith Marie Raventhorne Report | 03/12/2009 8:58 am
I bet its just as great as the last one!
Lilith Marie Raventhorne Report | 03/12/2009 8:47 am
I have all that stuff, what is the frame thing around me call thats the only thing I don't have?
Lilith Marie Raventhorne Report | 03/12/2009 8:42 am
Ok, can I see it?
Lilith Marie Raventhorne Report | 03/12/2009 8:34 am
The blode spring hair

Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple's true Love

During the Silver Millennium, Morrighan & Don Dorcha visited the moon kingdom every night & performed for the court. They were in love with each other & were never far from each other. That is until the day Queen Beryl attacked the moon. Don Dorcha protected Morrighan; but just before Kunzite attacked them, Moonlight Knight appeared saving them. And just as he appeared, he vanished. Kunzite attacked Don Dorcha, but Morrighan stepped in the way to save her love. Don Dorcha held her in his arms as Kunzite attacked again. They both said at the same time, “If I could find my love again, I will dance forever.”

In the 20th century, Don was reborn as James the Irish Dance Master. James & his warlords have been fighting w/ another dance master who called himself Lord of the Dance. One day when James was dealing w/ a spirit girl, there was a young lady that was practicing a dance that caught his eyes & heart. To show her how good he is, he performed & that captured her heart. They girl was Morrighan but she was reborn as Rose. They performed together & as they dance, they started to remember their past lives. James asked Rose for her help, she was to lure the Lord of the Dance to the hideout w/o him knowing. So she did & when she got him there, the warlords captured him. One took the belt as the leader killed him. But the spirit that the Lord of the Dance saved from James appeared & brought him back to life. Two of his men grabbed Rose as the two master fought. The Lord of the Dance won the battle by killing James. Rose broke free from her capturers & escaped into the forest.

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon was fighting Alan & Ann w/ the help of Moonlight Knight. Moonlight Knight has been helping the senshi while Mamoru has no memory. During the final battle, Mamoru regained his memories. With that, Sailor Moon turned Alan & Ann good & Moonlight Knight vanished.

At the same time that James was dying, Moonlight Knight appeared in from of him. “What is it you want most of all?” he asked. “To protect my true love.” James replied. W/ that said, James & Moonlight Knight became one & Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple was born.

Rose was standing next to the lake, and then started to dance the couple dance she danced w/ James. Suddenly, someone took her hand & danced w/ her. She saw a man in a white mask & cape and was wearing the same outfit as her love did. He removed the mask & revealed who he was & told her what happened. Then he said, “I will always protect you no matter what.” They continued the dancing & then kissed under the moonlight.

Rose hears a noise & turns around but doesn’t see anything. “I thought I heard something.” She said as she turned back to James, “but is was….” She stopped. When she turned to face him. He was gone. All that was left was a white rose. What Rose didn’t know is that EMKIP was a ghost except during the full moon.

As she picked up the rose, some of the warlords were looking for her. When they found her, they informed her that the dark lord was still alive. She was so happy that she thought the man she danced with was a dream. They escorted her back to the hideout & there was the lord. A man who stood about 7ft tall w/ short black hair was waiting at the top of a staircase. “Ah, Rose, you are alright. Good work boys,” he said. Rose looks at them & sensed that that wasn’t James. Suddenly, another group of men came out & two of them grabbed her taking her to the lord as the others blocked the warlords. “M’lord, what is the meaning of this?” But the new Dark Lord didn’t responded. When Rose got to the top; he touched her face, “You looked gorgeous dancing there by the lake.” She looks at the lord, “You aren’t James! Warlords this man is an imposter! When have you ever heard him call me by my name?!” The warlords look at each other & nod as three of them jumps over the other mean & runs up the stairs. Two of the three fights the two that grabbed her as the last one grabs Rose’s hand & escapes.

The warlords took her to a safe place as she told them about the man in the white mask & cape who was James & not a dream. When she was done, one of them got her some hot tea as another handed her a white rose, “This appeared beside you when we were freeing you.” Rose looks at the flower then tears up as she mumbles “James”. What she didn’t know is that when there is a white rose, Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple was near by watching over her. She was crying because something told her that she wasn’t going to see James again.

Meanwhile back at the Dark Lord’s hideout, the man who clamed to be James turned out to be Kunzite. He was the one who made the noise back at the lake. The men kneeling in front of him were Lord of the Dance’s warriors, “Forgive us for allowing the girl escape.” Kunzite shakes his head, “She wasn’t my target, her ghost protector is.” He knew the secret behind Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple.

Rose walked to the same lake on the 2nd night of the full moon. Some of the warlords came w/ but gave her some space to calm down. But what she didn’t know is that two if them was watching everything. Just as the moon rose, James appeared & she was surprised, “Please tell me that I’m not dreaming.” She asks as she tears up. James smiles as he wipes the tears away, “No, you’re not dreaming.” She was going to take his hand, but saw the handprint bruises on her arms. So she moved them behind her back not wanting him to see them. James knew that she was hiding something, so to find out he started to dance w/ her. He knew he only had a few hours til the moon goes down. As they danced, it felt like time had stopped. He noticed something on her arms but remained silence until she lost her footing. She had stepped on a rock that moved, but James caught her before she fell. He held her in his arms & that’s when he noticed the handprint bruises. “My love, what happened? Who gave you those bruises?” Rose backs away as she looks at the ground, “Lord of the Dance’s men gave them to me when they grabbed me. They are working for a fake Dark Lord.” James starts to make a fist, then looks at the moon & kisses her, “By safe, my love.” As her eyes were close, he vanished.

As James vanished, the two that were watching over her looks at each other then back to Rose as she picks up the white rose he left. “Should we tell her that he is a ghost?” one asked the other, “I think not. If she knew, she would be in greater pain than when he died. If this helps her, then let her be. But I don’t think he is a ghost all the time.”

As the moon vanished, Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple watched as his former men escort her back to the hideout. “You miss her don’t you?” He turns & sees a girl in a purple outfit w/ a flute. “You are the one that wondered into my territory. You are the spirit who saved Lord of the Dance.” She nods, “Are you going to tell her the truth?” He shakes his head, “I don’t want to worry her, also if I tell her she may break down. I don’t want to hurt her or cause her trouble. If I can remain as is & protect her, I will be happy with that.” He looks at the spirit, “Can I ask for a favor? Can you go & find…” he stops, “never mind, I don’t want…” before he could finish, she was gone.

She had gone to Kunzite’s hideout to find out who the new dark lord was. But she was founded out; as she appeared the fake dark lord & his men surrounded her. They tried to get her to reveal what she was doing, but rose appeared w/ the warlords to save her. Just then Rose saw a figured that looked like James but thought she was daydreaming. Then she looks at Kunzite, “You were the one who killed James & I in the long lost past.” Kunzite nodded as he & the others vanished. But even thou Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple was there, the white rose was gone.

Kunzite had stolen it to use as a trap. He sent the flower to Rose w/ a note telling her to be at the lake at sunset. She did as the note said; when she got there she started to look around. Just then she heard a noise, “James, are you there?” Suddenly a hand grabbed her as another one covered her mouth, “You are so gullible.” Kunzite said as he walks in front of her & uses his powers to knock her out. One of the warlords saw the whole thing & when to inform the others.

When the moon rose on the last night of the cycle, James appears by the lake. He was expecting to see Rose but instead there were the warlords, “What are you all doing here? Where is Rose?” The one who saw her being taken away steps forward, “The fake dark lord kidnapped her. She called him Kunzite.” James grows angry when he heard the name then turns into Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple & vanishes.

Rose was tied to a pole on the top of a staircase in the hideout. There was no one in the room until her protector & true love appeared. He runs up the stairs as he removes the mask & unties her, “Rose speak to me. Please wake up.” She slowly opens her eyes, “… James …” then she hugs him seeing who it was. “Well, Well, Well; if it isn’t her ghost protector.” Kunzite said as he steps into sight.” She looks at Kunzite then at James, “What is he talking about?” James moved in front of her, “Don’t worry about it. Kunzite leave Rose out of this.” Kunzite shakes his head as he makes Rose appear in front of him, “May I introduce James’ human form but only while the full moon is out.” She looks at James, “Is this true?” she asks as she walks towards him & he nodded. Just then Kunzite blast her into James arms then vanishes. James picks her up, “Lucky that was just a warning shot.” He carries her motionless body out of the hideout & goes to a safe location.

He looks up at the moon & sees that he has a few hours left. When he gets to the new hideout, James lays her on the bed & sits there waiting for her to wake up. “James, what happened?” He told her everything from when he joined up with moonlight knight to when Kunzite just blasted her. When the moon vanishes, he turned into a ghost as Rose stood up. “I was trying to keep this from hurting you if you knew I was a ghost.” He said as he looks at the ground knowing he had failed & most likely caused her more pain. She walks up to him & gets him to look at her, “You are hurting me by not telling me the truth.” James reaches up to touch her cheek but stops since a ghost can’t touch anything. Then suddenly, his hand felt warm because she was holding it. Some how she was able to come into contact w/ him. James hands her a rose as she smiles, “Please get some rest, that attack has weakened you.” She nods as he helps her into the bed & sits by her side as she started to fall asleep. “I love you,” she said as she closed her eyes. James kisses her cheek, “I love you too.”

The next morning, Rose wakes up to see that James was gone but there was a dozen white rose on the night stand. She walks outside still feeling weak & sees the warlords w/ the spirit. They told her everything about knowing that James was a ghost. The spirit told her that she can see him every night. Rose smiles because that’s all she needed. For the past several nights, Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple has come into her bedroom while she slept & watched over her. Also, Kunzite has been quiet during those nights; he has been planning something that he will reveal on the next full moon in less than a month.

The 2nd week of the next month, Rose was fully recovered & went outside. She danced from sunrise to sunset. She danced some much, she fell asleep by the lake & that is when Kunzite appears. But Evil Moonlight Knight in purple was there to protector her. “Your day will come & what will she do when you’re gone.” Kunzite said as he vanishes. Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple looks down at Rose as he removes his cape & puts it over her w/ a white rose then vanishes.

The days had been quiet, Rose & the warlords were practicing as they taught the spirit how to dance. At night, Rose would go to the lake & dance as Evil Moonlight Knight in Purple watched over her. As he watched, he wished he was human again. But the full moon was still 3 days away.
The day right before the full moon; it rained all day but did that stopped rose from dancing, no. She was so excited about being able to hold her true love, she danced outside in the rain not caring about her health. Then the night of the full moon, James went to the hideout to escort her to the lake, but Rose was in bed with a fever. She wanted to go but James forced her to stay in bed. He remained by her side til the sun rose. Kunzite’s evil plan was about to be revealed as he inform his minions to distract the warlords so he can get to Rose.

James went to the hideout to check & see how Rose is feeling, she was still sick so he went to get her some soup. When he returned, she was gone. He looked every where. He couldn’t even find the warlords or Kunzite. He even looked during the day. Then come the 3rd & final night of the full moon, he found her at Kunzite’s new hideout in the mountains. She was asleep on a table motionless, “Rose wake up!” but there was no response. “You have less than one hour to wake her up, if you fail she will be like that forever.” Kunzite said as he appeared w/ a hour glass. James wanted to kill him but focused on waking Rose up. When there was only a few seconds left; James’ eyes tears up as he mumbles, “I failed…..I will love you forever” then he kisses her on the lips. With that kiss, she begins to wake up. He hugs her as she gets up then turns to Kunzite as some of the minions come running out. They grabbed them both & pull Rose & James away from each other. Kunzite is powering up to destroy him & sends the attack. But even thou rose was weak from the fever, she brakes free & gets in the way of the attack taking the hit. She fell to the floor dead, she gave up her life to save her love. The warlords came running in w/ Lord of the Dance’s group & all of them kept Kunzite away. During the fight against the groups, the warlords got the others to come to their side.

James kneels down & picks Rose up as he starts to cry, “Why? Why did you have to do this? I was supposed to protect you.” Suddenly Moonlight Knight’s spirit appears in front of James, “We were meant to protect your love but fail & now you are human again because half of my soul is still in you.” Then the spirit vanishes & James yells “I LIVE WHILE MY LOVE IS DEAD!!! WHY!!!!????” The girl in purple appears & turns into Sailor Saturn, she uses Death & Rebirth to bring Rose back to life. James helps her to her feet & hugs her not wanting to let go, “Im not going to loose you anymore.” Kunzite grows angry & gets pass the warlords & attacks. But some kind of barrier appears about the two & sends the attack back at him & kills him.

With Kunzite gone, the minions remembered everything & the lord of the Dance finally showed up. “What?! I missed my cue. I was supposed to save the day.” He said as he crosses his arms. Then James looks at him “This is our story, so beat it.” He looks at Rose as everyone leaves the room, “When I said I wasn’t going to loose you again, that also means to another man.” Then he gets down on one knee, “Rose will you marry me?” She smiles as she tears up & nods, “Of course I will marry you.” He gets up & kisses her as he picks her up & spins around w/ excitement. They were married the next day, Rose started to blush for her dreams came true. “There is something I have to tell you, my love.” She said as she touches her stomach.

the end


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This is my birthday gift from kikasbombshell


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