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Rei is a fiery, boy-crazed priestess with ambitions to become a singer, songwriter, model, voice actress and eventually settling down into marriage.

Her relationship with Usagi was turbulent, and the two often argued with each other. Rei even admitted at one point, she felt like Usagi was not a fit leader. Regardless, she is extremely loyal to her.

She seemed to show her affection to the people she cares the most about in odd ways, such as her teasing Usagi, which often hurt her feelings, especially in the early parts of the series, or joking with Yuuichirou.

Though Rei sometimes bickered with Usagi, she clearly cares deeply about her and valued her friendship very much, and often seemed closer to her than the other Senshi. (In the Stars season, she was the first person whom Usagi told that Mamoru had not contacted her, and Rei was so distraught that she wondered out loud why Usagi had to suffer so much). Rei attends a separate school from the other girls, a private Catholic school run by nuns. She works at Hikawa Shrine with her grandfather who was the head priest.

Rei's personality reflects her Sailor Mars power. She is a hothead, who gets into an angry rage quite easily. She is shown to be tough on others from time

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Ms Sundgu Ki Honei Suenko Report | 11/27/2020 12:07 am
Ms Sundgu Ki Honei Suenko
heart emotion_kirakira
xPrincessChibimoon Report | 10/29/2020 9:30 am
Thanks for the purchase, Rei-chan heart
Sailor moon Cosplayer Report | 10/14/2020 12:14 pm
Sailor moon Cosplayer
Thank you smile
Sailor moon Cosplayer Report | 10/14/2020 12:08 pm
Sailor moon Cosplayer
Done ^^
Sailor moon Cosplayer Report | 10/14/2020 11:05 am
Sailor moon Cosplayer
Sure!! Did you want to see my sailor Mars cosplay?
Sailor moon Cosplayer Report | 10/14/2020 12:03 am
Sailor moon Cosplayer
I could help you make one of you want? smile
Sailor moon Cosplayer Report | 10/13/2020 2:59 pm
Sailor moon Cosplayer
Aww thank you!! I have the others as well smile
Azure Shell Report | 10/11/2020 3:19 pm
Azure Shell
Hi mars! I sent you a gift. Hope you like it. heart
Mademoiselle Happy Report | 10/08/2020 5:28 am
Mademoiselle Happy
How distracting ):
Mademoiselle Happy Report | 10/08/2020 5:08 am
Mademoiselle Happy
What announcements? What annoyment? I'm interpelled by your status! XD

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