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Me Musica <3

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Me yamo Agar.

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Another drawing of me by l Sailor Libra l
About the Girl

Name: Agar
Name Meaning: The one who ran away
Full Name: Agar Valencia Maria Gloriana Otera Santiago De los Costas Romero Mendoza
Name Origin: Spain
Birth date: August, 13th 1992
Western Horoscope: Leo
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Wild and free
Height: 5'9
Weight: 140
Measurements: 38in 25in 38in.
Skintone: Swarthy, tanned
Body Type: She's curvy, a porn star like body with big hips and double d breast (think Aletta Ocean.
Appearence: She has dark cinnamon skin. She looks to be of Middle Eastern and Hispanic. Her eyes are sometimes cat-like or wolf-like depending on her emotion. She also has big plump and full lips.
Distinguishing Marks: Large tattoo on her back of a laced corset.
Age: 19
Blood Type: O
Sexual Orientation: Undecided
Personality Type: Mysterious yet playful at times
Favorite Food: PescaĆ­to frito
Occupation: Entertainer and Hostess
Least Favorite Food: Peanuts, and other nuts.
Strong Points: Hiding
Weak Points: Being seen
Quotes: "I'm a b***h, why do I need another name?"
Theme Song: Spotlight- Christina Aguilera
Note: She happens to speak with a Spanish accent and sensual a cat-like voice.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Pesanta
Realm of Influence: Illusions and Gravity
Henshin Item: Peasant Bracelet
Henshin Phrase: "Poder Pesanta Estrella, Maquillatge!!"
Transformation Music: []X
Transformation: Slowly moving her bracelet, across her face, sensually, and saying her transformation phrase she begins to slowly belly dance. Her body becoming an all black figure dancing against a white background with shadows behind her imitating her moves. She continues to dance her Arabic moves, until the shadows around her begin to swirl around her, slowly deteriorating her black form with gold sparks. Her whole senshi costume, being sensually revealed.
Fuku: A long tan skirt, a black strapless bikini top, dark furry gauntlets, catseye forhead gem. Henna ink tattoos also appears on her body. She often wears a leopard print catwoman mask.
Fighting Style: Her fighting style is wild and animalistic..

She also has some skill in burglary and knows some degrees of Kalarippayattu, Choi Kwang-Do and boxing.

Her fighting techniques are similar to that of Slim (J-Lo) in the movie "Enough."

Weapons: Energy chakrams- Glowing rings of energy that she throws at her opponents. If she holds them for too long they could burn her fingers so she has to throw them everytime she creates her. Their impact is usually heavy, like a weight. They jingle when thrown. They are very similar to rapid yellow bolts.

Weight Shift- Her most powerful attack, it makes a change in her strength. While fighting, if Agar murmurs, " Weight Shift," her physical attack becomes even harder them normal. In simple terms, the force of the physical attack becomes much more powerful than that of an average human. This attack can also be used to switch the weight of her and an opponent or others. This attack does nothing to your physical features if your weight is switched, you'll still be able to walk and move normally and no weight loss or weight gain will be added to your body.

Nightmare- Focusing her energy on an opponent, she makes a triangle with her hands, she then send a strong triangular vibration towards them. When hit, this will make the opponents nightmare seem real. Pain will not be inflicted on the opponent with this attack, though they could die from fright.

Delusional Scent- Agar runs toward her opponent and whispers the attack. Her hair then gives off a sweet coconut scent that makes the opponent delusional and crazy for a short or even long period of time. Often, flower petals will be seen falling from her hair.

Skills and Abilities

Cat Eyes- Allows Agar to see in the dark

Invisibility- Whenever she senses or is in any form of danger, Agar can manage to make her body invisible.

Lycanthropy- Agar can turn into a tan wolf or a brown cat (of any size), by will. Though she usually has to be in a dark place to perform this transformation. This often makes her tired for days. While transformed, these animals are equipped with heavy steel paws.

Language Assimilation-Agar is also capable of assimilating other languages through physical contact with another person. When she attempts to do so with males, she usually kisses them because it is more fun for her.

Clairsentience- She can read the history of certain things of value.

Night Vision- The ability to see in the dark.

She also gains enhanced strength and durability as a Sailor Senshi (although it is noticeable in her human form as well).


Sometimes.... reincarnation is a funny process. You don't remember anything but you're bound to have been reincarnated several times or will be. I wonder who I was several thousand years ago. I stood on the balcony of the castle like pillar. My home. It protected me from danger. Ever since the civil war, though no action has been taken, I wonder if our lands will be back together. I am one of the many princesses of Sirius, and one of the many who are now becoming poor. All because if him. Him, has no name. He was cloudy and dark, like a storm. They said it was a small storm, but no. Now everyone has become poor and broke, throughout the land. Papa, King, the king of everything, has increased the tax for everything on the nobles and royals, who were unaffected by him. It was as if this were a plot.... a scheme... a conspiracy? Someone attacked the poor in order to make this kingdom poor?

I took a deep breath as I looked down. I was so high up. Standing on the edge, I felt safe. And soon, I took a step forward and fell. It was all a blur. But I remember pain. Then I remember peace. Then I fell asleep...

Present Time

I looked down at the streets below me.. Barcelona was pretty a sunset. I inhaled the air. It all felt familiar. I remember when they first found me. I was raised by wolves. 3 years, I guess. They were my family, my life. Then they took me away from them. They said it was unsafe. They put me in a new family while trying to look for my real family. They had no plans of me going to school since by now, I was to old to try to learn how to speak. But I did learn to speak, by the time I was 7. I now know Catalan and Spanish. I started school a bit late, but I managed to advance. But I was to wild for school, literally. Like an animal, a beast, a b***h; that's what they called me. I was what every girl wanted to be but what every boy was afraid of. My adoptive parents decided to home school me, we're up to 11th grade studies. Recently they discovered this ship, almost like a pod, near the place I was raised as a baby by wolves. It looked like Japanese technology, advanced. But it was too advance, they were planning on studying it, but something happened, it somehow vanished from their storage room.

I looked down at the tourist that roamed Barcelona. Spain did attract beautiful people. I looked at my bracelet. It surely was beautiful. A perfect small gift for my last day. It looked old and filled with history, but it only cost several euros. A peasant bracelet. With it's green stone, it did give you second thoughts on its wealth. Well, back to what I wanted do. Walking backwards, several feet away from the edge of the rooftop, I ran fast; plunging myself off the roof. I closed my eyes, feeling energized. I was plunging several feet to my death. Until I opened my eyes. I was now a brown cat.

It felt strange...
Like I just walked out of a closet.
I guess I wasn't meant to die again.
I ran away to the main streets.
I won't ask questions now...

Background History

Agar was adopted into a by a rich Spanish couple who came from rich banking families. Her mother was a black-arab Morrocan whose father was an Morrocan ambassador in Spain and owned several large banks back in Morroco. Her father was a blonde Spaniard whose family owned the largest banking industry in Spain. As a child she was raised well and in highclass society, but she wasn't much of a fan of it.

When she moved to Japan she worked a lot in the Red Light District. She had previously worked as a underage stripper in Spain so she was use to the environment. She got a fake I.D. and managed to work in a Hostess Club. Through connections as a result of her job at the hostess club, she became a men's magazine model. She frequently posed for men's magazines around Asia, either in a bikini or partially nude. She caused Major Scandal at 19 when she participated in the annual Miss Earth pageant held that year in it's home in the Philippines. She financed her own fees and participated as Miss Morocco. Moroccans was aggravated that not only was one of their own participating in a beauty pageant but that she was a men's magazine model. However, she managed to place in the top 8 of the contest having won the titles of Best in Swimsuit and Talent. She now currently works in one of Japan's biggest Burlesque clubs.


In Catalan legend and popular culture, the Pesanta is an enormous dog (or sometimes a cat) that goes into people's houses in the night and puts itself on their chests making it difficult for them to breathe and causing them the most horrible nightmares. The Pesanta is black and hairy, with steel paws, but with holes so it can't take anything.

Esa mujer fue mi amiga~


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Professor Cypress
Whoa... where the heck have YOU been? :O
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we'd appreciate your activeness one more within the GoA...
please also recruit worthy apprentices and we'll make sure at least thank you back in return...
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l Princess Kakyuu l
Happy Birthday! ! ! ^.^
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he nodded "Far too long I am sure"
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Long time no see, how are thing with you
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Miss Brunei
Miss Gaia Nations 2012 has ended. Click HERE to watch the crowning video. Thanks to all!
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secret reality
Hey, sorry you did not make it to the next round. I reallly liked your swimsuit and I thought you did wayyy better then me!
p.s. Crack A Bottle by Eminem started playing on your profile and I had to sit there and sing along hahaha<3
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Aw I'm sorry sad I'm sure they'll be more competitions though 3nodding You'll win it all for sure!
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Miss Brunei
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