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-DO buy my stuff

-DO NOT lowball me. I will ignore lowball PMs

-I am often questing, so if you would like to help out, please do I will return the favor. Plus, I have been known to sporadically donate to others in need or to others who help me.

-Loyals Bazaar: If you do not have access to the shop, I am more than happy getting the item for you. We can do a trade. I do however, charge 1% of the cost of the item as a fee. Believe me, it is a lot easier this way then buying from marketplace during this terrible period henceforth known as the Great Inflation.


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About S.N.P

Some of my friends call me garden-gnome but my real name is Anna. I love panda bears and writing. I enjoy watching movies, it's fun. I get pretty random at times and I can be energetic too.
Wanna know why I'm called Sailor Ninja Panda a.k.a SNP? It's simple.
Sailor for Sailor Moon (an old anime show that I love).
Ninja because I think that ninja's are cool.
Panda because I LOVE panda's.

leave me a comment k? Or a message. haha.

Sailor Ninja Panda (S.N.P.)

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RavenDarknessAtarashi Report | 12/20/2014 5:18 pm
Arigato for the purchase! (See my store for more!) ^-^ <3
jahanshah4 Report | 10/21/2014 10:31 pm
thanks for buying ,, next time call me i do 4% discount on trade smile
Notched Report | 10/03/2014 8:34 pm
Thanks for the purchase.
Kazoukei Report | 07/30/2014 12:27 pm
Thank you for your purchase~
-FlawlessxImperfections- Report | 07/29/2014 5:31 pm
Thanks for your purchase c:
Felina75 Report | 07/07/2014 5:16 pm
Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy your Puriel's Wings. heart
Wow Youre Cute Report | 06/06/2014 3:49 pm
Wow Youre Cute
thank you for buying ^^
User 25036927 Report | 06/05/2014 7:58 pm
User 25036927
I'm interested in your 100 PK. Would you be willing to trade anything in my shop for it? >: Could you hold onto it while we negotiate?
Notched Report | 06/01/2014 2:54 pm
Thanks for the purchase.
LovelyJune Report | 05/18/2014 9:30 am
Thanks for the buy. Enjoy your item and have a nice day! 3nodding


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