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Tyche's randomness

Just some random stuff by yours truly. Enjoy!

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Sailormoon - Bad Boy



Senshi/Knight : Sailor Epsilon
Player name: Tyche Chiron (Tish SHY-ron)
Nickname: Tychie-chan (cousin Suzuka), Impossible (Soin)

Sample Post: Tyche ran from the school yard, nearly tripping over her own feet in her haste. She was ecstatic to leave school; she wanted to go hang out with her cousins. There was something in the air that just excited her senses. Her entire body, the top of her head to the tips of her toes, had the sudden urge to run. Not that she could go very far in her current form without falling on her face, but the thought was still lovely. "Soon," Tyche thought, skipping happily to Suzu's house.

Full Name: Tyche Fortuna Meioh Chiron

Age: 18

Weight: 107

Height: 5'5"

Birth Date: November 27

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Blue

General Body Description: long and slender

Place of Origin (where do you come from?): Her mother was from Sedna, and her father was from Sagittarius, but Tyche was born in the Pluto Empire.

Personality: Bubbly, and sometimes random. She's really blunt but does it in a cheerful and friendly way.

Phobia: Being zapped from existence by Chronos, the god of time.

Favorite Food: Japanese steamed buns

Favorite Color: Silver and faint pink

Other Favorites: Cats, plushies, and swimming

Dislikes: Snakes, sharks, and horror movies

Strengths: Master Marksmanship (Bow and Arrow)

Weaknesses: Clumsy on two feet

Family and friends:

Chrystilac Chiron - mother
Lord Chiron - father
Setsuna Meioh Tiger - cousin
Suzuka, Juneko, Torao, Kibou, and Nagisa - cousins
Soin Aino - best friend

Senshi/Knight Title: Sailor Epsilon

Element/Planet: Silver/ Chiron (SHY-ron) and Pluto

Gemstone (What Gem is on his/her outfit?): Pink Tourmaline

Henshin Item: Epsilon Henshin Pen

Transformation Phrase:
Epsilon Star Power- (senshi transformation)
Fortune of the Centaur- (animagis transformation)

Transformation (what does it look like?): [Sailor Epsilon] Brilliant flashes of silver light with Sailor Epsilon's body covered in pink light as her body is equipped in her senshi uniform and her bow appears in her right hand and her arrows appear in the left hand and then she equips them properly as the transformation is completed. [Fortune of the Centaur] Transformation from human to centaur.

Fuku/Outfit: Pink skirt with black bows and black braided sandals

Looks (does he/she look physically different when he/she transforms?): By her father, Lord Chiron, whose name "chiron" comes from that of a mythical centaur. Lord Chiron was an animagis centaur and he passed those powers down to his daughter Tyche. She has the ability to transform into a centaur and can use her bow and arrow at the same time which gives her the appearance of a master of Marksman (bow and arrow) on horseback. This power called "Fortune of the Centaur" is limited however as it saps her power quickly. She cannot stay in the form for too long.

Attacks (limited to 3, give names and full descriptions):
1.) "Fortunate Piercing Arrow" = Shoots three ordinary arrows at once with bow.
2.) "Epsilon Twisted Fortuna" = the firing of an oddly shaped arrow that twists the wind and sends an enemy in an awkward wind spiral.
3.) "Chiron Fate Arrow" = fires an arrow made of liquid silver to suffocate or imprison an enemy.

Weapon (this is along the lines of a dagger or something similar; the use
of your body as a weapon is separate. Limited to 2): 1.)Bow and Arrow
2.) Fortune of the Centaur

Guardian (limited to 1): No Guardian


Sailor Pluto's (Setsuna Meioh's) mother is Lucretia Meioh, the first Queen of Pluto married to Chronos the God of Time and first High King of Pluto and it's Empire.

Lucretia Meioh (Queen Pluto) had a sister named Draplica Meioh who was an ambassador of the Pluto Empire who eventually married a mercenary named Sir Tethys who hailed from the dwarf planet Orcus, (another dwarf planet that is part of the Pluto Empire) and they had a daughter named Chrystilac who eventually became Lieutenant Chrystilac Meioh in the Pluto Royal Army. Chrystilac Meioh (First cousin to Setsuna Meioh) married Lord Chiron, a Centaur Animagus who hails from an unknown star in the Sagittarius constellation. They eventually settle down in the Pluto Empire and have a daughter named Tyche Fortuna Meioh Chiron who becomes Sailor Epsilon. Sailor Epsilon's best friend is her cousin Sailor Charon/Princess Suzuka of the Pluto Kingdom.


Chrystilac Meioh Chiron (mother of Tyche and first cousin to Setsuna Meioh) was once given a mission with which she was to take her daughter to observe and learn about the art of military warfare. This particular mission landed her patrolling the most outer ring of the planet Uranus, which had been given the name Epsilon. While Chrystilac and Tyche were on patrol, a mysterious fleet of evil ships from the Black Omicron Galaxy [ Lowercase of "Omega", and an enemy of the Pluto Empire. **micron meaning 'small' in contrast to omega) is the 15th letter of the Greek Alphabet] attacked them. Tyche was captured and taken away from her mother and led through the outer rim of the ring of Epsilon. Little did Tyche know that the outer rim secretly contained the Epsilon ring’s main source of power. When the Black Omicron Soldiers tried to pull the child through a certain "sweet spot" of the outer rim that was made of pure silver, she became immersed in it’s energy and a cursive "E" appeared on her forehead. This silver awakened a deep power that had been dormant within her from the day she was born. Her luck in finding the pure silver in the outer rim of Epsilon earned her the name "Senshi of Fortune and Luck", and it has stuck ever since. And since becoming the senshi of Fortune, she also discovered the coincidence that her father’s unknown home in the Sagittarius constellation was the fifth star in the constellation, also known as the Epsilon Carinae. [• ( Epsilon) [followed by Latin genitive] Astronomy the fifth star in a constellation : Epsilon Carinae.] Thus, her fortune and luck proved to be genuine and a valuable part of her destiny.

Her bloodline on both sides of her family had allowed her to absorb this power and from it, she transformed into a Sailor senshi and took the name Epsilon as her thanks to the source of power that had awakened her hidden gifts. Tyche was able to free herself from the Omicron soldiers clutches and return to her mother on her own.
Being blessed with the gift of bow and arrow and an Animagis power called Fortune of the Centaur that she inherited from her father, Tyche discovered her bloodline traced back to the Pluto Royal Family and had discovered that her calling was to be a senshi like that of her mother’s cousin Setsuna Meioh and her daughters Sailor Charon and Sailor Chibi Pluto. Tyche joined the ranks of the senshi and was accepted as the first Sailor Epsilon.

(side note)The name Epsilon comes from an experience in Tyche’s life where she was visiting the Kingdom of Uranus and accidentally stumbled upon the Epsilon source of power **In astronomy, Epsilon is also the name for Uranus' most distant and most visible ring.

epsilon |ˈepsiˌlän|
the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet ( Ε, ε), transliterated as 'e.'
• [as adj. ] denoting the fifth in a series of items, categories, etc.
• ( Epsilon) [followed by Latin genitive] Astronomy the fifth star in a constellation : Epsilon Carinae.
symbol ( ε )
ORIGIN early 18th cent.: Greek, 'plain or simple E,' from psilos 'plain,' referring to the need to distinguish epsilon from the diphthong ai: in late Greek the two had the same pronunciation.


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Live-action me:

(Thought of and found by the amazing Suzu-chan. heart )

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(All below made by Suzu chan. Thank you Suzu chan!!!)
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(This one is by GS Apollyon. Thank you!)

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My transformation:

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Me in Centaur form:
(Also by Suzu chan~ heart )
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My Cousins:

Suzuka chan/ Sailor Charon

User Image

Setsuna san/ Sailor Pluto

User Image

Emi chan/ Sailor Chibi Pluto

User Image

My Mom/ Chrystilac

User Image

My Dad/ Chiron

User Image

My Grandma/ Draplica Meioh

User Image

My Grandpa/ Sir Tethys
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The Meioh famiy tree (As far as I know. ^_^; )

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User ImageUser ImageUser Image

(By Suzu chan)


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"Yeah," he said, relaxing his grip just a little. They were at the door of the church. He opened the door for Tyche and ushered her inside before closing it behind himself. "Do you see her?"
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"If she isn't, then we spread out. We search any suspicious vehicle," he murmured, darkly. "If she's not at the church, we hunt."
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"Let's go," he said, grabbing her hand as the rain began to fall. It was a fair distance away and he didn't want her to get completely soaked.
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"Stores might think a young girl alone in a store for an extended period of time was up to something. A train station would be too easy to lose your bearings in with all the noise and people... Where's the nearest church?"
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"All right, given that, let's assume he turned her away. Where's the best place to take shelter from a storm?"
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"I don't think that would help anything," he said. "It'll take longer that way. Be trouble finding her then finding each other again and with no way to communicate while we're apart, I'd say it's better just to stick together."
Avi Rhechual Report | 10/15/2012 10:35 pm
Avi Rhechual
He smiled but grabbed her hand. "Praise me later," Avi said. "Let's go."

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The rain cripples my body,
But the vision of you under the moon makes me want to cry.
Never again will I have dreams like that,
Never again will you smile.
The night shatters like broken glass...

I shall never see you again.