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Think of my character as the same person in different universes. I use her for various rps, and there are a few minor differences for each of the fandoms. If you don't like it, get over it.

[Sailor Moon] [Persona 3] [Psyren] [D. Gray-Man] [Durarara!!] [Pokemon] [Digimon] [Yu-Gi-Oh!]

Lyn "Citizen" Tatsuo

Name - Prefers to be called Citizen
Age - 19
Birthday - November 4th
Sign - Scorpio
Personality - Confident, enthusiastic, blunt, and serious when need be.
Sexual Orientation - Bi-sexual
Occupation - Undercover model (clothing and makeup companies pay her to wear their products around town)

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[Sailor Moon]

Senshi/Knight Title - Sailor Asteria
Element/Planet - Blue flame / No planet of influence
Gemstone -
Henshin Item - Asteria Henshin pen
Transformation Phrase - Asteria star power!
Transformation - Her body is surrounded by a contained blue light. The light moves and changes her clothes to her fuku. When the glow fades, the transformation is complete.
Fuku/Outfit - A unique black top with tiny pieces of the gemstone in the fabric, and a light blue skirt. Simple blue earrings, and black and blue gloves complete it.

Attacks -
1.) "Frozen Touch" = Blue flame covers her entire body, freeze burning anything she touches.
2.) "Blue Form" = She forms weapons out of the flame.
3.) "Final Flame" = The flames form into a giant phoenix, spreading the frozen fire.

Weapon - Anything she can make using her 'Blue Form' attack.
Guardian - No Guardian

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[Persona 3]

Weapon - A scythe
Persona - Lilim
Arcana - Devil

Persona stats (based off of my Lilim in P3P) -
Level: 63
St: 42
Ma: 80
En: 40
Ag: 55
Lu: 50

Marin Karin (Charms 1 foe)
Agi (Deals light fire damage to 1 foe)
Zio (Deals light electric damage/Shocks 1 foe)
Auto-Rakukaja (Automatic Rakukaja at the start of battle)
Garu (Deals light wind damage to 1 foe)
Mudo (Darkness: chance of instant kill, 1 foe)
Bufu (Deals light ice damage/Freezes 1 foe)

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Status - Drifter
PSI Type - Rise
Specialties - Sense type rise and strength type rise.
Role - She used her Rise abilities to stay in Psyren and to help as many players make it back to the payphone as she can. When the players became concentrated, she focused on staying out of the way of the chaos.

[D. Gray-Man]

Role - Exorcist
Innocence weapon - A scythe



Favorite Pokemon type - Normal
Favorite Pokemon - Persian
Current team - Persian, Stoutland



Donators~ heart
Custom Cut - Lovely Michiru
200k - Lovely Michiru


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Neptunes Grace Report | 12/22/2013 11:01 am
Neptunes Grace
(Very true lol! Still need that gift dear?)
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 12/21/2013 3:23 pm
Crystal Sailor Pluto
((No worries. ^_^ There's still the GSSG as well, and I'm trying to revive an old dusty guild with a couple friends as well, so we'll see how that goes. >.< wink )
The Sirian Knight Report | 12/21/2013 2:47 pm
The Sirian Knight
Neptunes Grace Report | 12/21/2013 2:44 pm
Neptunes Grace
(More than likely it will be open lol. The Generals get no love v.v;; Well, until they show up, then all the senshi want a piece xD)
The Sirian Knight Report | 12/21/2013 2:38 pm
The Sirian Knight
I'll check it out~
The Sirian Knight Report | 12/21/2013 2:36 pm
The Sirian Knight
Yeah? You get a name?
The Sirian Knight Report | 12/21/2013 2:32 pm
The Sirian Knight
Not much, you?
Neptunes Grace Report | 12/21/2013 2:05 pm
Neptunes Grace
(Shall I reserve the spot for you then?)
Neptunes Grace Report | 12/21/2013 1:55 pm
Neptunes Grace
(That would be hella awesome =O!!)
Neptunes Grace Report | 12/21/2013 1:39 pm
Neptunes Grace
(We have Kunzite. 'GeneraI Kunzite' (with an 'i' instead of an L if you wanted to look him up) and we need Jadeite, Nephrite and Zosite)


TakiNyan is in the process of translating Hana no Namida by Gou Shiira. Please give her moral support! (^_^)/
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652,796 / 6,450,000
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~Proud Member of Mistress Vi's Harem~


Citizen's manga list~

((This is an incomplete list...still have more in storage.))

Volume 1-2
Questing: volume 3 on

Volume 1-3
Questing: volume 4 on

Blood Alone
Volume 1-6
Questing: volume 4 on

Chrono Crusade
Volume 1-4
Questing: volume 5-8

D. Gray-Man
Volume 7
Questing: volume 1-5, and 8 on

Double Cast
Volume 1

Four-eyed Prince
Volume 1-2
Questing: volume 3 on

Volume 1-12

Gravitation EX
Volume 1
Questing: volume 2 (?)

Kingdom Hearts II
Volume 1
Questing: volume 2 on

Deluxe volume 1, 3 (not sure which volumes are actually in here)
Questing: deluxe volume 2

Volume 1-2
Questing: volume 3-12

Volume 1 Questing: volume 2

Volume 1, 4
Questing: volume 3, and 5 on

Volume 1-3
Questing: volume 4 on

Volume 14-16 (I have more in Colorado….can’t remember which though)
Questing: N/A at the moment

Princess Princess
Volume 1-5

Sailor Moon
Volume 1
Questing: volume 2 on

Sailor V
Volume 1
Questing: volume 2

Volume 1-2

Skip Beat
Volume 1-19, 21
Questing: volume 20, and 22 on

Ouran Host Club
Volume 1
Questing: volume 2-18

Vampire Knight
Volume 2-4
Questing: volume 1, and 5-14

Venus Versus Virus
Volume 1-6
Questing: volume 7-8


Series I’d like to collect one day:

Maiden Rose
Dragon Ball
To Terra
Demon Diary
Angel Diary