Sailla (sigh-la) White-blood
Married, have a daughter, Terra. I love traveling and have had many adventures in many different places. I am quite old but i look 20. I am the Queen of my plane, and a good one at that.
Very skilled in fletching, bow making, acting, singing, comedy acts. I am an apothecary and an herbalist.
I am also a very nimble person, having great balance, climbing skills, swiming speed, and rope skills. I love to read and learn new languages. I am also into knives and Rapier fighting. I can use a cross bow and bladed fans. My favorite is my repeating cross bow and my punching dagger.
I have a knack for getting in trouble, some I can get out of and some not but my husband seems to always be there to help me out.
I love pretty things. I love clothes and hair clips and jewelry.
My daughter Terra is amazing. She can conquer the world with her smile and intelligence. Her and her friend LingLing get into so much, i know she will be an adventurous spirit.

Languages: Common (English), Ibonix, Sylvan. More to be added later.

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Birthday: 04/12


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