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The Orion City Quarantine.

A collaboration of a group of humans in their documentation of their days spent surviving Zack. Written from every perspective in all formats of documentation. Please comment.


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Mujamo Uha

Report | 04/07/2009 6:22 am

Mujamo Uha

Oh-em-gee! I forgot to wish you a happy birthday yesterday!
I'm so sorry!
I love you, Riley!
I totally miss you!
Happy Birthday!

Report | 02/13/2009 2:44 pm


I must say I loved the Valentine you sent me. The reference to Darth Vader made me laugh, and you did succeed in it being strange.

Just wanted to drop by and leave you a comment.

Tooth Head

Report | 01/23/2009 6:05 am

Tooth Head

Comment from a spontaneous visitor.

You have excellent taste in music and films. :3

Mujamo Uha

Report | 09/26/2008 4:50 pm

Mujamo Uha

School kidnapped me.. D: Sorry...

Report | 07/31/2008 6:28 pm


i love the purple words on your profile <3

it looks like the purple a smurf turns when he's being choked =]
Mujamo Uha

Report | 07/21/2008 1:36 am

Mujamo Uha

Lol, nice! And no, I'm not back yet, there just happen to be an internet cafe in the mall at Darling Harbor. It's pretty nice here. I'm sad to be leaving, but I can't wait to get back home!! I miss you so much Riley! In fact, in L.A., I swear to God I saw someone who looked just like you... I was about to shout your name.. =/ Glad I didn't! I miss you, and I can't wait to roleplay again!!!

Report | 07/02/2008 1:11 pm


i love you too
Mujamo Uha

Report | 06/20/2008 10:16 pm

Mujamo Uha

... D= Yummeh..


I'm so tired..

Didn't end up going to the races.. it was raining..

Instead, we went to see the Love Guru.. ^^

It's like an Austin Powers movie.. duh!
Mujamo Uha

Report | 06/20/2008 11:38 am

Mujamo Uha

.. =/ Wow..

I just had some new ice cream we had at work.

^^ It's called Haley's comet

It has chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream with some swirl of caramel, and these little peanut butter cup looking things, except they're smaller, and have caramel inside them. ^^ So good..
Mujamo Uha

Report | 06/20/2008 11:27 am

Mujamo Uha

...Um... ok...

-Backs away-

^^ I'm eating Habanero cheese!! It's so hot and good! x3


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