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Sage was Xavier's first student at the institute. She found him in a cave, legs broken by Lucifer, and helped him recover. He took her back to America with him, away from the area of the Balkans, where she had to learn to fight to survive, by any means necessary. Sage was trained to be a spy, and apparently trained while the other 5 X-men wer trained to be heroes.
Under Xavier's order, she infiltrated the Hellfire club and gained the trust of Sebastian Shaw by becoming his loyal assisstant. She was to keep Xavier informed of their doings, and sometime's sway Sebastian's plans. One night, a man under the influence and control of Elias Bogan came to make a wager with Shaw. If shaw were to win, his fortune was made. If he lost, he lost Emma Frost, his White Queen. Sage influenced the game, allowing Shaw to win. Elias Bogan however, knew who had made him lose the wager, and waited with inhuman patience to strike.
Elias captured Sage and randsomed her to Sebastian for his empire. For Sebastian, the stakes were too high, and thus left Sage to get out of it on her own. The X-men, on the other hand, came to her aid and rescued her, but Bogan had left his mark. The tattooes that run on Sage's face from her eyes bear the mark of Bogan. In order to keep under the radar, she temporarily gave up her telepathic abilities, making walls that would allow no one to track or read her mind.
She later traveled with Storm's team of X-men, questing for the destiny diaries. When she had been seen as a traitor for doing something that was ultimately sabatoge of the Hellfire club, she disbanded from the group and helped Captain Britain and the New Excalibur. There, on her final mission, she was to infiltrate Alibon's league and sabatoge him from the inside out. However, something went wrong.
The personality, Diana Fox, that she had created had become her. It took over, and she had to fight her way back. She did, but not before the damage was done. New Excalibur and The Exiles were then called and transported to help Roma restore order to the Omniverse. Sage at one point was to keep an eye on Roma when she had become hurt. Roma understood that she was dying, and thus transported all of her information and beings into Sage's mind. The strain it put on Sage was much like the result of Rogue's mutation; she had to cope with numerous beings floating around in her head.
Fearing that if the information got into the wrong hands, Sage stayed with the Exiles to cope. Not only did she have these beings, but Diana Fox, whom she long thought done with, had come back and threatened to take over her body by force. In a final confrontation, Merlin emerged, trying to destroy Sage and take the information. Sage defeated him, and became one with the crystal palace
Computer like mind, Multitasking (in which she can use different parts of her brain at once, such as replay a movie, play solitare, and fight an opponent), Telepathy, Activation of latent mutations,and Genetic sight. She is able to learn new talents easily due to her mind.
Sage has a pressure point on her body that allows her to reboot like a computer.

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair: Black

Eye color: Blue

Gender: Female

Alias(es): Sage, Lady Tessa, Diana Fox, Britanna

First Appearance: X-men #132

Current Comic Book Status: One with the Crystal Palace, and waiting to be born. Elizabeth is angry.

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The Cajun Thief
[lol ITs fine.]
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mindee stepford cuckoo
((ikr. personally, i'm done with filling out applications. instead, i'm going to ready myself to marry into wealth. what? it could happen... 4laugh )
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mindee stepford cuckoo
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((Oh snap! The return of Sage!!))
The Cajun Thief Report | 01/20/2012 8:32 am
The Cajun Thief
You can't be gone! We never got to do that Rp. Sad times are ahead I see.
JauntyGhost Report | 11/11/2011 11:57 am
Hi! I spotted your profile when browsing some friends' profiles. Not sure if you're just cosplaying or if you're interested in RPing. I run an awesome literate RP guild that would love to have you. Check it out:
Samuel Zachary Guthrie Report | 09/12/2011 12:32 pm
Samuel Zachary Guthrie
Heeeey, I know you...!




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