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Sagacious Maiden

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yum_puddi about me yum_puddi

formerly skies of lightning, luka a strife, - l u k a b l o s s o m -

catch me on discord gauchegrace#3223

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gaia_crown cosplay accounts gaia_crown
Scope of my Rifle / Witch of the WiIds
Remuchuu / Perverted Killing Maniac
Sofia Sartor / The Floral Antiquity
Queen Remedi of Ivalice
Hollow Blue Eyes
Sublimated Reyvateil Saki
Tuhui / Let Heads Roll
TaIi Zorah vas Normandy
The Target of my Mission
Lumberjack Luke / Protagonist Mei
Luca TruIyworth
The Brutal Avenger

“Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'. I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.”
Sagacious Maiden