This is the profile of the hero in training ((and me, the writer)). Saduko Leyra had no past. She was found by the Heroes Council and raised at the Academy. Her life's goal was to become like her teachers, an amazing archer like Natasha, a supreme swordsman like Lisha, and a notable negotiator like Aromeaus. ((I on the other hand was raised in a house of constant flux with the rules changing regularly to keep me on my toes.))

When Saduko became of age ((she's older than me sweatdrop )) she was officially initiated into the duties of a H.I.T. She was given all the duties of a true hero while receiving continuous training from the Academy. Over time she began to receive all manners of quests from the Council, despite the shy personality she sometimes presented the world. ((I was given books and chores. I became an over-imaginative kid that was too smart for my own good with a bad habit of lying to make life more interesting. While I'm not shy, I'm introverted and keep to myself.))

The young heroine developed a dual personality over the course of her training. In the right circumstances she was rather dark and outgoing, though she tended to remain shy around others. Her nervousness indirectly affected her confidence so when she noticed that the Council was beginning to act in a less-than-honorable manner she didn't speak up. The eventually set the stage for the hero's confrontation with the Leviathan, a snake-like demon who'd taken thousands of souls. ((The confrontation was rather interesting. I'm working on setting it up in my journal whee ))

Later quests assigned by her Council became proof that they wanted her to either become dead or corrupt like them. She couldn't bear it, but their hold on her was strong. Saduko broke that hold after a second encounter with the Leviathan, whom she had grown to like. She slaughtered the monster that was the source of the corruption and saved the day. ((If I did that with my school's corruptors I would go to jail... lucky fictional heroine person that I created.))

And like all tales of vengeance and war, this story begins with murder.

((Yeah so, Gaia is the stage. It's all about location. If I'm in say the chatterbox, I'm myself. If I'm in a roleplay thread, say somewhere in Barton, I'm the character I've created there. If I'm at an event, I'm your beloved hero in training, Saduko. So generally speaking, I am myself until the next event. Otherwise I will keep a journal of Saduko's escapades. Feel free to pm me to roleplay, talk, or otherwise interact. I accept art and anons though I have a hard time doing so haha. Note: When I'm talking to anons, I am most definitely the hero in training.))

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Shadow Belmonte
Happy (very belated) birthday! yum_puddi
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Shadow Belmonte
Happy birthday! emotion_kirakira

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Shadow Belmonte
Happy belated birthday!

Shadow Belmonte Report | 05/14/2018 4:39 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Yeah, I can agree on that.
I just went broke because of it.
Me: "Oh my gosh! I got 7k Platinum saved up!"
*buys tons of junk*
...so much for questing~! emotion_awesome

How've you been?
You've been gone for forever.
What happened to you gonk
Shadow Belmonte Report | 05/14/2018 2:59 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Hello! emotion_awesome

I see you've got a Sphinx look going for you (with wings even!) emotion_yatta
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Kiwi Cannoli
Thanks for buying~ emotion_bigheart
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Shadow Belmonte
Hello, this is Shadow Belmonte (obviously.)
I've sent this comment to let you know that I have removed you from my friend list for one of these reasons:
1. This is a mule account that I've forgotten to remove by the original owner's request
2. You've quit Gaia and I was not informed
3. It's just been a long time since you've been online

Nothing personal, just trying to clean up my friend list so I can figure out who is still online.
If you still want to be friends, just comment me back or send me a PM, I'll be glad to add you back right away.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/16/2014 5:39 am
Shadow Belmonte
Happy birthday~!
Sidisha Narakumo Report | 07/31/2014 3:21 am
Sidisha Narakumo
Any way why not go around and meet new friends?
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Sidisha Narakumo
Hey remember that im for ya. ok? when you have a problem just talk to me. and why not hang out with new kind people?


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